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My views on the endings MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD

Hi all, so im a little late to the party, but after months of being locked behind a bugged quest and waiting for the 1.21 update, i have finally finished all the games endings and wanted to talk about it with people.

So first things first, the shitty arasaka endings. Wont go over too much but what a let down. No wonder its the "default" ending if u didnt do any side activities. Ur choice boils down to the fact after her coup, Hanako basically abandons you, even if uv saved Takemura and spared Oda so u go back to earth to die. Or u get put in cyber jail like Johnny and most likely forgotten. Shite ending

The "secret" ending, where u storm arasaka tower on ya own with Johnny in tow. Whilst this sounds "badass" it feels more like a Johnny has finally taken over and just wants to die in a blaze of glory, yet due to Vs badassness he makes it. After talking to Alt and sticking with V, u come out no better or worse than u went in. If anything ur worse as the people who coulda helped, are dead or hate you. Kinda shitty

Finally we get to the best 2 endings which have split the fan base on which is actually superior.

We'll go Panam and the Nomads first. I romanced Panam as a male V and thought this would be the best choice. I played it, was emotional, well written and very fun it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I played a streetkid and the whole leaving thing didnt sit well with me. Might make sense for a Nomad V, but not someone who grew up on the streets, having done every side quest id also be leaving behind all my friends, River, Mama Welles, Vik & Misty, Judy (who has left, but will come visit no doubt), Kerry and every other person V has befriended. Why would V with 6 months to live, leave the city where all the best and brightest are? The whole reason the Aldecaldos have to leave is because by helping V they lost some key personalities not to mention their leader, they pissed off Night Corp, Militech and arasaka by helping V. They simply couldnt stand that much heat and choose to GTFO before hell is rained down on em. The whole "good ending" comes from the optimistic conversation with Panam about getting help from her friends and contacts. Which surely she can do with V in the city? The family take a big hit and i felt awful after everything we put them through just getting to Hellman. A side note as well is killing Smasher. Other than revenge for Saul, this just doesnt have any real gravitas to it. Saul was a good character but not a main one and whilst his death is tragic, its also catastrophic for the Aldecaldos in the long run. Johnny wanted his revenge, but bcoz of the Vik pills johnny barely noticed. Saul and Panam with the ying yang had a good balance. Also in this ending arasaka is hurt, but not on its knees, not what Johnny truely wanted.

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Now to the "Johnny" ending. Vs falling apart by the end, Johnnys right, we cant risk Panam shes too important. So what happens? We go in, guns blazing and completely fuck up arasaka. We get to kill Smasher as Johnny, revenge for his 1st death and revenge for killing Rogue. Speaking of which Rogue gets her catharsis sticking it to arasaka finally returning to her principles. With Rogues death, Johnnys journey is done, he literally has nothing left in this world but to save his truest friend, V and return to his old flame Alt. This ending gives V everything hes ever wanted. Hes at the top of his game with all the resources and contacts he could ever want. Money is flying in from now owning the Afterlife. Ur still in the city with all ur friends to help find the cure, now u get the blue eyed man whose another powerhouse then u lead a charge on the crystal palace, the home of all the arasaka tech. Id say the conversations during this also lead to me believing blue eyes and V have a plan. I don't think Panam broke up with me, as her ending dialogue says she's gonna ride V. I believe this is Vs real big shot at a cure.

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So this is my input, whilst the Nomad ending is great, it feels like a give up and enjoy my last few months, trying to find a cure but chilling, having lost half the Aldecaldos.

Whereas the johnny ending, draws a line under everything. Having done his side quests and grown to like silverhand this feels like a massive turning point for the selfish arsehole to become the selfless hero and save V. Plus with all of Rogue's contacts, money and power with the blue eyed man backing him with even more resources, and night city to get all of Vs buddies to help and pool their resources. (a fact i hated was nobody innVs life talk or acknowledge each other, would of loved a Judy & Panam joint mission)

TL:DR – Johnny ending is the best and does more for Vs hopes of a cure, Nomad is second as V wouldnt run for a fight, arasaka and secret are both shit.


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