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NCW: Episode 4 postshow Q&A rundown

Content of the article: "NCW: Episode 4 postshow Q&A rundown"

Just thought I’d make a post detailing some of the stuff that was mentioned in the Night City Wire Episode 4 postshow Q&A with senior level designer Miles Tost.

  • All of the styles come attached with certain demographics, certain social classes. For example Entropism is generally something you’ll see in poorer areas.

  • Similar to the one above, vending machines will look different depending on where you are.

  • Doors come in different styles.

  • Puddles will form on the streets when it’s raining and go away when the sun comes out.

  • Miles wasn’t sure if there were lots of areas that were completely blocked off to players that don’t have double jump.

  • There’s certainly areas where people with double jump will be able to take shortcuts.

  • There’s platforming segments. They’re mainly meant to allow players to get into positions that will be favorable- sniping spot for example.

  • They took into consideration that not everybody will upgrade the same way. So say for instance there’s a double jump shortcut that leads to an area. If you don’t have double jump there’s probably a terminal you can hack to get through, if you can’t hack there’s probably a door you can rip open, if you can’t do any of those there’s likely a longer route you can take to get to the area.

  • Aerial takedowns are in the game.

  • When the game starts you won’t be able to just steal any car. You essentially need to learn how- raise certain stats. The body stat is used to “yeet” people out of vehicles while the technical stat is used to break into parked vehicles.

  • You do not get to keep vehicles you steal. However the good news is basically any vehicle you might want to steal will be obtainable in other ways.

  • If you own multiple vehicles and you press the button to call for one there will be a drop down menu that allows you to select which vehicle you summon.

  • You won’t be able to drive flying vehicles because it would give Miles and his colleagues nightmares.

  • You’ll be able to mix clothing styles.

  • Occasionally you might have to wear a specific outfit.

  • When walking around the city there’s very little music. Instead you’ll hear city sounds.

  • Gangs have their own combat music.

  • There will be collectibles.

  • You’ll be able to loot cybernetics from people in some instances.

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