Cyberpunk 2077

New game changes and bugs after 1.2

  • If you kill the driver during the post free-Sandra-Dorset chase scene the van stops instead of just hitting the wall
  • When in the car with Jackie prior to Sandra job it took a while for the non-blue conversation option to show up (weird)
  • You can shoot more at the bot during the Takemura drive after The Heist, although the game blocks shooting at him in some moments
  • There is no Legendary Monowire in the box 🙁
  • Enemies may ignore obstacles when moving, sometimes patrolling through walls
  • Explosive gas tanks seems to do bit less damage. If you hit the big one with low caliber weapon it will catch fire before exploding few seconds after
  • Random hacks drops while hacking terminals do happen although the no-drops bug never showed up in my games
  • Enemy AI may sometimes cause enemies to stack making them easy target for grenades or just shooting each one by one as they move to the same cover/spot
  • To free the monk you have to take down two extra gang members for him to trigger his dialogue
  • NCPD mobs next to "Get maelstrom video" gig spot won't aggro/be alerted when you are taking down maelstrom boys
  • "Destroy the drugs plant" behaves weird as you don't see if they are destroyed or not and if you move out of the area the ending will trigger more or less (no car with reinforcements)
  • Raven Microcyber – legendary cyberdeck in Kabuki now requires 40 Street Cred so can't be equipped early on (You get 30-32 street cred clearing everything in Watson before The Heist).
  • You can get the bike next to All Foods if you enter the code, you will get "new vehicle" message but you can't call it, it's not on your vehicle list – but it also does not despawn like third party vehicles.
  • You can't get parts from soda cans, and healing items provide less parts than needed for crafting
  • Legendary clothing in the open world is still random (amount of sockets and their mods)
  • Watson full clear summary: level 15, 31 street cred, few hundred thousand eddies (payed victor, got multiple cyberwares, some crafting patterns, still > 100K)
  • Armadillo still procs as it did. At lvl 15 sometimes procs blue (while the stats as always depend on level when crafted)
  • LMG and turret machine guns feel nerfed.
  • Civilians still can just crouch and don't move
  • Some items still are not-pickable
  • You can pick Satori but the briefcase thingy can't be interacted
  • One of the Arasaka in the basement has the "scan me" icon but scanning doesn't do anything…
  • Didn't noticed it but you can get Yorinobu shirt and pants from his room
  • Netrunner build is still good when it scales up 😉
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You can still get stuck if you try hard enough 😉

After waking up follow corridor next to your flat to get a solo gang member…

Yorinobu pants and shirt

Watson full clear

Why aren't they running?

No monowire!?

I got the bike but it's not on the list…

Car blockade mobs have no AI and don't do anything even when shot

Random hacks from access points hacking (I crafted epics at that point, no perk increasing drop rate).

You can call your car to Takemura crash spot via the keyboard shortcut 😀


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