Cyberpunk 2077

night city map // v.04.1 (updated, wip)

// greetings choombas & console cowboys //


i am back with a quick update to yesterday’s v.04 post. this contains minor adjustments but i felt i needed to get these changes in asap. for my previous map posts, please see v.04.


for any of you wanting to keep up to date i have something in store for you; i’ve launched a twitter profile for this night city mapping project, called feel free to follow me there. now, before any of you go into a rage… i know how many of you feel about twitter, totally fair! i am creating this as a way to help others on twitter who are completely foreign to reddit. hopefully this will suffice for the time being.


many of you have asked me personally about supporting or helping… i am launching a landing page for where you’ll be able to download high quality wallpapers and mobile wallpapers. i am also working on a way you can donate if you feel the need to, but i’m not 100% on how to go about this. we will see.


// v.04.1: the tron legacy edition (part deux) //


v.04.1 default view


v.04.1 default view + mission paths


v.04.1 default view + known locations


v.04.1 minimal view


please note: due to imgur, you’re going to see heavy compression


// v.04 patchnotes //

• added red line “going pro” mission path *(v’s journey to the maelstrom)”

• added pink line “the corpo rat” mission path (driving to moxes bar)

• added missing road in southern edge of pacifica

• extended missing roads/highways in santo domingo. i had missed this and it’s been corrected

• santo domingo’s district line has been adjusted to match the roads

• adjusted terrain texture to look more fitting with surrounding roads (expect this to change in a future release)

• watson’s district line has been adjusted to not crop off the edge of the arasaka dock

• orbital space center’s building/parking lot has been adjusted. this is close to speculation but with the help of /u/svale_chow, i think we have it figured out


// patchnotes for v.04+ //

• adding gangs and gang locations next

• will continue with red/pink version

• will continue adding locations, streets, etc

• brainstorming new u.i.

• possible launch of


// patchnotes for life //

wear. a. mask. 😤


// 🌃 🖤 🤖 //


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