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// greetings choombas & console cowboys //


after a couple months of silence i am back to finally show you my progress on night city map project. earlier this summer, with the help of edgerunner, i got in contact with the talented programmer, /u/deviousdrizzle who runs maprunner and we started working together to bring this mapping project to life. the original nighcity i/o site was replaced with a fully functional interactive map! see below:




##// v1.0 FEATURES //

• collapsible menu

• desktop/mobile support

• settings menu with new cyberpunk-themed colors for you to choose from

• support links for donations and connection in the cyberpunk community

• codex coming soon



• completely redesigned site from the ground up!

• menu that collapses in/out

• menu functionality with toggle buttons for zones, places, people, + loot

• menu contains districts that toggle on/off. districts will highlight on mouse hover

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• menu functionality with a show all / hide all toggle feature to filter out everything on the map

• places contain specific entries we know exist in the game; corporations like arasaka and the afterlife bar

• pins that are clicked on will pop up with it subcategory, a description, a found feature (semi-hides that pin), and a shareable link to copypasta that location

• map features zoom buttons in/out

• map features two types of views; simple + detailed. a more detailed view will give you names that change on zooming in + out works on mobile! this works exactly like the desktop site but uses 2-finger touch to allow for pan + zooming in


##// v1.1 RELEASE //

while v1.0 is very exciting for us and has been a long time coming since january (wow), there are still features that will be implemented soon. we are working on getting this out before december 10th if possible. please see below for a list of what we are working on:

• night city daytime theme

• registration + log-in for new users that will allow you to keep track of your progress. right now the site works on cookies that track what you filter in and out of the map, your color settings, etc.

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##// v1.2 GOALS //

• coordinate system

• gang heatmaps

• continuation of pins + new categories once the game is out

• a fully functional codex; you’ll be able to explore items like weapons, characters, + missions



• take care of yourself, hug your loved ones but please wear a mask 🖤




wanted to give a huge thanks for the people that helped me on this journey so far: anihvx, /u/coldfir3_ (edgerunner), last known meal, neon arcade, valency, and of course, deviousd! couldn't have done any of this without the help, inspiration, and motivation from these wonderful people.

as usual, for my previous map posts, please see v.04.1. you can also reach/follow me on the twitter account.


// 🌃 🖤 🤖 //


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