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So I replayed Fallout New Vegas…

Gonna be honest whit y'all I was in kind of a denial for the last couple of months about CP 2077. Really liked the story and played trough it 3 times already. Anyway, I fell out (xd) of the Cyberpunk high so I returned to Ol' reliable New Vegas after a year.

A little bit of heads-up before I go on. Post might contain minor spoilers. Also, I'm not making this post to tear at CP 2077.

Let's start with sidemissions. New Vegas makes sure you can't miss the majority of them. The main mission leads you trough a route where you are spoonfed the sidecontent. Better yet, most of them tie to other sidequests so it's easy to get lost in them. Tho there are a few you have to go out of your way to get. In CP there are great side events, missions you can completely miss. Brendon is a great example. I totally missed him in the first 2 walktroughs even tho I literally walked in/out of the megabuilding next to him 10 times. Same with other unmarked quests.

New Vegas aslo has the roleplaying element of making almost everything optional. You can do a no kill run or kill everyone. Including the main 'villain' you can side with .Not only that but if you done something big that would have consequences the NCPs will mention it, talk about it, even hold it against you. Same with companions who can directly affect the turn of events. Wanna enter a camp populated by a faction your companion hates with a passion? Tough luck, 2 of them are already dead and 20 more are coming for you now. Pay atention. You can offer them to cannibals, slavery, kill everyone they love in front of them, destroy their ambitions… or help them achieve what they want. Some of them are completely missable btw. The final mission is pure genius. The battle of Hoover Dam will relect the players choices. You raised and old bomber for one of the ignorable side-factions like 20 hours ago? They will now bombard the whole dam clearing your way. The ending is phenomenal. It recounts everything your character did and how it turned out for the future. It's satisfying. I get it CP's ending was intended to feel bittersweet but guess what. NV has no achieveable ending where everything turns out great either. Factions and characters will affect each other and your actions go far.

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But how this translates to CP? It doesn't feel like your actions have real consequences. Your 'Street cred' is up but it really doesn't mean much. People wont recognise you. Unlike NV you can't even join factions, V will just 'think about it'. You don't have impact on night city, no idication of the place changig based on your actions. It's a damn shame rly. I could go on talking about NPC daily routines (what NV has) , factions sending assassins after you if you oppose them, good looking outfits etc. but it's not my point to stomp CP even further. I loved it, it was a good game, but it could have been so much more it's heartbreaking.


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