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Some details about radio stations and music overall

Content of the article: "Some details about radio stations and music overall"

Since someone was asking about radio stations recently, I've decided to translate a part of the post-demo impressions of two polish journalist. The

is over 3 hours long (including interview with Paweł Sasko) and I recommend it a lot… if you can speak Polish. But for those unlucky ones I've translated the part when they speak about radio stations.

It's a little bit chaotic since it was more like a 'stream of thoughts', but I've tried my best to keep translation as close to the original as I was able to (also, obligatory 'English is not my native language', so forgive me for mistakes). Don't take anything for granted as well since it's from June and that's what the journalists remembered from the demo, those are not statements from the dev team.

The transcript starts from here, there were 3 journalists, I don't remember their names, so A is the one behind the desk and B/C are the ones who played the 4-hours demo.

A: I would like to add from myself – as you wrote in your impressions and as we talked behind the scenes – you praised music a lot. And I had a little foretaste of that when I was conducting interview with Przybyłowicz a long time ago, and you could feel that this soundtrack is very bold, creative… and different from what people expect. When people think of 'cyberpunk' music they often imagine synthwave, glitches and here we have a lot of punk, hard techno, hardcore rap , so I wanted to ask you about radio stations, did you have a chance to check how many there are? And what kind of stations there are?

B: I've checked that.

C: Ten, right?

B: Yeah, there are ten stations, maybe eleven, but I'm not sure, let's keep it at ten. And that's something I respect about them, the way they did it. Because you know how it is – you buy tracks for games, you get licenses for songs, sometimes those licenses expire. We had some examples of that in GTA, when after few years the game had to be taken down from Steam…

A: Wasn't there a case like that with Alan Wake as well?

B: There were many examples…

C: Mafia as well has some similiar situation

B: Well, Mafia has a different problem, because soundtrack is owned by, we talk about Mafia 1, soundtrack is owned by composer and probably they didn't come to an agreement. I'm not sure how it ended.

If you're loaded with cash, you have many songs. Not everybody would like to be in a game, not everyone has to agree for that, but overall, if you have money you can compile excellent playlist that fits your game. RED went in a different direction. They invited bands to cooperate, those bands recorded their songs. And it's not like, let's say, while you play a notice appears on screen that now you're listening to Michael Jackson and you're happy. If there would be Michael Jackson involved, if he was alive and agreed to participate, that would be Michael Jackson singing completely new song, created specifically for that game. Maybe he would even be included in the lore as a completely new character.

I have listened intensely to the metal station, because…

A: Why this doesn't surprise me?

C: And the station was called Ritual FM if I recall correctly. I know it had something with 'ritual' in the name

B: Ritual FM, right.

C: Because you recommended me to listen to that.

B: Yeah, it had pentagram in logo, that's why I've noticed it quickly.

What I found really great, and that's also very bold, is that when there's a metal in games it's usually more digestible. You know, it's "hard sound", "hard kick", and this is…

C: I had to change that station, because I wasn't able to listen to that.

A: You probably won't find black metal in mainstream games.

B: And here there's black metal, post metal, death metal, overall it's extreme. If someone is not used to that kind of sounds he won't listen to that at all, because it's full-on hardcore. And that's great. I don't want to come out ahead and spoil what bands are there, I assume REDs will publish those news quickly, or in some time, but generally I guess it will be published. I think that some people will be really surprised with who they managed to get involved. Because some of them you can recognise by their vocals, with metal bands it's not really that challenging.

A: Speaking of artists, if we talk about those that were already revealed last year…

C: At Game Awards

A: Right, like Grimes or Run The Jewels, did you have a chance to come across their songs?

B: I think we didn't have enough time in the cars to dwell on that right now. When I was driving a car I was listening to this hardcore stuff.

C: Yeah. If we have ten radio stations then I think I will just start with one, keep driving with it…

A: Till it loops

C: Yeah, and then I'll go to the next one

A: Was there a disco polo station? Or k-pop?

B: I'm not sure about k-pop.

C: And Krzysztof Krawczyk was missing as well but I hope they will fix it before release.

B: A lot of work was done to make those stations differ from each other, stylistically and by genre, so everyone can find something for himself. I'm sure you will find something for yourself. And k-pop fits that kind of visual style, so who knows?


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