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Some neat stuff I found in the new patch!

I've been exploring the new patch lately and found a lot of cool details/things about Cyberpunk 2077. I'm unsure if some of these were here pre-patch, but nevertheless.

Number one,

V does a little dance/head bop when you're listening to the radio on a motorcycle. I've tried different stations to see if V does anything different – sometimes they do! From what I've seen, V will do the following: Bop their head, tap their foot or fingers on the handle. I tried it again a little later and V didn't really do much, just looked around. So I don't know exactly what causes this, but nevertheless, still hella cool.

Number two,

Since the newest patch, Johnny now has this fade effect when you go near him instead of all out disappearing with his floating cigarette behind. It's sort of a ghostly AI effect, and honestly it's super dope.

Pre-patch Johnny disappearing

Post-patch Johnny disappearing

Number three,

V's face is now blocked/glitched out when you view them using cameras or turrets. Previously, this did not happen. I don't really know why their face is blocked out regarding that in one of the Evelyn braindance missions, the woman's face is blocked out and V comments "Has to be a really skilled netrunner." So, guess V is a really skilled netrunner? Unless I'm just remembering wrong. edit: Haha, I did remember it wrong – Vik gives you an ability to not show up on cameras 🙂 Guess it was only implemented in the recent patch.

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Pre-patch V while being viewed in turret/cameras:

Post-patch V while being viewed in turrets/cameras:


Number four,

Mirrors are fixed! I don't know if this was a common problem, but when you went to a mirror, V wouldn't look the right way at the actual mirror itself which made it a pain to LOOK at V. Which, looking at V is the whole point of mirrors, right?On the note of mirrors, something super dope I found while gazing at the mirror is that sometimes, when the relic malfunctions and you go to a mirror, instead of V in the mirror, It's Johnny Silverhand himself! Fuckin wild. It gave me a real scare first time I saw it. I have a video, but can't put it here because five videos is the limit! So bare with me. Here's a screenshot

Some other stuff worth mentioning:

There's a new relic button on where the old blank empty attribute point was.

V no longer sleeps like a maniac.

New icon for cars! So that when you want to do JUST gigs, you don't get overcrowded with car sales! Great.

I'm playing on an Xbox, and it's faired extremely well honestly. The two minute wait-time just for the inventory to open is finally gone because of the patch. I can't say it for everyone, obviously – but I've really enjoyed this patch so far. Things are a lot smoother and not as clunky for Xbox.

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I think there's a new little section for the cyberpyscho missions in the shards section so it doesn't clutter up anything anymore. If this was there pre-patch, then, that's my bad. But it's there.

A nice thing, Kerry doesn't stare at you in dead silence on the phone anymore if you ask him "How's the new album?" It's been patched at last! Dunno if that was an issue for anyone else, but it was highly awkward and a lil funny.

Wonky running shadows were also fixed. Sorta. At least they look decent now.

That's all I've gathered from this patch so far.


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