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Still itching for more Cyberpunk content to cover the empty hole left by all these delays?

Content of the article: "Still itching for more Cyberpunk content to cover the empty hole left by all these delays?"

Well lucky for you I'm back to recommend something even more forgotten about in the mainstream than Johnny Mnemonic.

When you saw the nomad gameplay did you feel like it was missing something? Did it feel like it needed more Ice-T in the form of a mutant kangaroo? Or how about a dance number? Maybe more tanks?

Well to the one person in the world who said yes to those questions I'm here to talk to you about tank girl. The most underappreciated cyberpunk movie ever. And before you start with "shmoney, my boy, how on earth is this obscure comedy from the mid 90's cyberpunk in anyway?", let me tell you that's exactly what a typical line foot would say, now sit down and shut up and go easy on the clutch while I tell you about the only cyberpunk stoner comedy ever made.

Tank girl follows you guessed it, tank girl a living cartoon, living in a dystopian wasteland ruled over by a giant mega-corp that controls all access to water in a sort of mad max type of situation only more distinctly 90s. Tank girl starts her journey off living in a dilapidated rebel hideout that seems to double as a marijuana farm, which sounds crazy in a world with limited water, but when you're stealing that water any way you might as well grow some controlled substances with it. Anyway, her life is uprooted by the water company coming to shut them down and kill everyone inside. From there Tank Girl is captured, imprisoned, and enslaved by the water corpos who she eventually steals a tank from with the help of Jet Girl a shy girl who has a big fat lesbian crush on tank girl throughout the film. Tank Girl then sets out to take out the corporation run by Malcolm Mcdowell who devours the scenery and is just a fantastically stereotypical bad guy. Along the way, she joins another resistance movement made up of an elite squad of sentient mutated kangaroos known as the rippers lead by none other than Ice-T, who if you remember lead another cyberpunk resistance movement in johnny mnemonic.

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They also mention that before he became a kangaroo, Ice-T's character was a cop. So I'd like to imagine that Tank Girl takes place in the same universe as Law & Order: SVU.

Tank Girl is based on a comic blood series that I also highly recommend although I will warn you it is very much about style over substance, just like the movie, which is ultimately why there isn't a lot of plot to talk about. Things just kind of happen in Tank Girl, very little drives the plot forward and our main character consistently breaks the fourth wall, there's even a disconnected dance number at one point, and this is all happening around tank girls constantly changing and increasingly ridiculous costumes. And sure it's hard to directly connect it to 2077 like Johnny Mnemonic but it's got elements that are very present in Cyberpunk media. From tyrannical mega-corporations to high tec military armaments to a wasteland filled with people bathing in the aesthetics of a cyberpunk future. Tank Girl herself looks like a common street kid from Night City's worst neighborhood, the strange brothel where Tank Girl sings "let's fall in love" is run by a lady that's dressed like she owns Night Cities hottest nightclub, and the rippers are a perfect parallel to the exotic modifications in cyberpunk lore, sure I've never heard of someone in cyberpunk 2020 getting surgery to be a kangaroo but the idea is still the same.

In conclusion, if the nomad backstory is what's got your mouth watering for cyberpunk then you'll love tank girl. Check out the comics too, they'er the most visually distilled version of the punk aesthetic and attitude I've ever seen. And nothing makes me more excited for a nomad playthrough.

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