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The actual problems of Cyberpunk 2077

Been seeing more people complaining about the lack of vehicle and clothing customization than the numerous half finished mechanics ,missing story arcs and downright lies. Does anybody know why how this is happening? Are the standards that low?
Compiled a list after I finished the game with the things that bothered me:

Big Issues:
The all around story lewl.First, the lifepaths add nothing to nothing.15minute different intros that we've been lied about having any impact on the rest of the game. You occasionally get a new line of dialogue based on them that basically says "Yeah i know this because I'm a corpo/nomad/streetkid"afterwhich the other character sorta-acknowledges it and moves on with the rest of the dialogue. I wished the resources used for this would have gone elsewhere,because the crazy replayability that they advertised because of this,it ain't there chief.
The game is almost completely linear, in spite of what has been advertised. The only mission that has actual non-surface level outcomes is the one they used in the gameplay trailer from 2 years ago,and even that trailer shows A TON of mechanics cut.
The story is too short,feels more like a big dlc than a RPG. Wouldn't be a big problem but I feel that out of all things,writing took the biggest hit.Comparing Witcher III and this game's quests,the best here would rank mediocre at most in that game.That's just plain sad.There are even contracts in the game that are more developed and better written than what's on offer here(for those who didn't play,contracts in the game is the equivallent to gigs here) and that isn't even counting the sidequests in that game.A lot of decisions don't make sense,maybe you consider this nitpicky but i found them bothersome:
1-Inconsistent writing ex: Saburo Arasaka this corporate-god the most powerful man alive is 150 years old has survived countless assassination attempts and is the head of the biggest corporation in the game sends his bodyguard away and stays alone in a room with his son who has literally betrayed him twice. You would at least think he has some implants since he is 150 years old but nah just choke him for 15 seconds and he is dead.Guess it was all body lotions he used.Things that dont make sense are happening just to move the story forward.Dex who is supposed to be this great-ass fixer chooses this 2 nobodies for the most ambitious job ever? Arasaka has "the Empire problem" from Star Wars where this literal Empire has the most incompetent,useless,pathetic troops and agents.Inconsistency can also be found in the characters, depending on the order you do the missions in,V jumps from barely knowing Silverhand,to being buddies with him,to hating him,acting like you haven't yet had some of the conversations.The moment you do something the game doesn't want you to,it breaks.V also is either unbothered by the whole death thing,and the next second he is a desperate man,willing to do anything,then WOOOP back to laid back-just doing gigs tone.I could go on for 3 pages of this stuff.V has a deathtimer on and it makes no sense to walk around doing gigs,or sidequests whilst you are literally dying.Takemura is hacking into Arasaka's systems and is able to hide from them when he is wanted for literally killing the Emperor,but doesn't know how to use a phone?He is probably a 2000's kid. Do you really have this sort of inconsistencies for a quirky throw-away joke?Everything is just a mess.
2-Missing Arcs?Maybe? The Jackie montage stuff is weird,seems cut,also the T-Bug arc seems weird,since they build up these characters and then kill them instantly.Weird choices.Jackie's death has been spoiled in the trailer which is the dumbest thing in their maketing, since it breaks all the tension of the mission,you know what is gonna happen and you can't change it,your just waiting for the trailer to finish,just waiting for jackie to have his moment that we all knew was gonna happen,just waiting for dex to betray us so we can go back to the game.The lifepaths are really just the streetkid dude,with ocassional lines where he sounds like a corpo or a nomad but its so obvious by the language and the actions of the dude that he is a streetkid.
The Mechanics of the game are in a laughable state.Everything is half finished.The hacking that a lot of people liked for some reason is at the end of the day just a button to distract/kill enemy with different animations.The non-lethal ways add nothing,in spite of what the gameplay trailers imply,and are just a tacked on thing for those few people who want to fight people but still not kill anyone.Doesn't make sense story-wise either,but what does really?AI is crazy broken,they have this weird thing,where they can fall over if they hit a body,which makes them seem even dumber if anything,again who thought this was a good idea?Police is a joke.A ton of stuff cut from the trailers,even the gameplay trailers that were close to the release which rubs me the wrong way.

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The whole game is made to appeal for a percentage of people that don't really play games,which is weird. They got Keanu to play silverhand and the whole direction changed to wow look at keanu,you see him,that's really him. They assume you will like him because he is Keanu and gave the character almost 0 redeeming qualities.This is sorta-subjective but Keanu does a bad job with the voice-acting.Lacks direction, when he is supposed to scream or be angry he does this weird grunting,like he doesn't understand what emotion he is supposed to convey. Next to the rest of the voiceactors his performance sticks out as being just plain bad. The whole idea of "companies are bad,blow them up" is so overdone, no nuance,nothing.There are 100 pop-culture references,and that would not be a problem,but they are often the pay-offs of entire missions.WHAT?REALLY?You made a whole mission and instead of something well written like the dozens of contracts in the witcher,it's whole sticc is that it's a The Office reference?

Smaller issues:

The Marketing for the game is completely missleading,even the gameplay one. You would think that if they made a whole trailer for the clothing and style,it would be something at least sorta-developed in the game.Nope,its like GTA made a whole trailer about how cool it is that you can change clothes.Same with the gangs trailers.When I saw that I was led to believe that they were different,talking about their values,etc. and you actions would have an impact on how they view you,like a new vegas infamy sistem,but nah its just reskinned enemies. Its literally just that. Suprised that they didn't make a trailer about how you could fucking walk left and right.

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The city is waaay too small. It's the best looking city in any game by far,but the moment you get a car,you get anywhere in 2-3 minutes.I'd say this was originally ment to be 50% bigger to outwright double.The NorthOak is supposed to be this place where the elite lives,the many CEO-s and Stars of Night City,and its like 4 houses.

The City feels lifeless,the world isn't interactable in any way,just a pretty thing to look at from a distance,it doesn't react in any way to your actions,nothing like in the witcher,its crazy how much it regressed on almost every level.Paints a bleak picture about their next game.

Many other smallers stuff that may get patched so there's no reason going over it.

All in all this game was clearly rushed to be in time for the holidays, was not meant for last gen but a ton of things were cut just so it could sorta-work there so they can sale it on those systems too,and CDPR outright lied to the consumers,and hid the state the game was in. This is something worthy of an EA-type company and my respect for them dropped consideranly,now trusting them as much as Bethesda.I don't know how much the developers are at fault,maybe they are not to blame,even tho they were the ones smiling and hyping up the game,talking about things that would get cut or were never there to begin with,when knowing the state it was in.People seem to blame the pressure from the investors,but seeing as that wasn't a thing with witcher ,its a werid possition to put yourself in.
I truly don't know.
I heard a lot of the top-talent left and are making a The Invincible game,and i'm left wondering if its enough left there to make whatever game comes next live up to the witcher. I doubt it though,considering how this turned out and its a damn shame.I hope the people don't forget what state the game released in,and all the lies they've been told,and that CDPR regains that trust and respect with the next game,trough the right means.

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