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The amount of people who think this game is like a Rockstar game is absolutely insane

Content of the article: "The amount of people who think this game is like a Rockstar game is absolutely insane"

I keep seeing in YouTube comments people comparing this to any sorts of other games that have nothing to do with Cyberpunk in terms of genre, saying that " the driving isn't as good as this or that", " the missions are too slow ", I even saw a few guys saying the game has too much dialogues, lol…

A lot of people seems to wait this game for everything it's not and for all the wrong reasons. It seems to me like this game is very anticipated and so there is now thousands of people who never even played an RPG in their life who wait this game like sheep without even knowing why, just people it's popular and they saw other people talk about it. In all the gameplay videos CDPR clearly show that the main point of this game is the story, the characters, the choices you make and how it has an impact, the soundtrack and atmosphere, and yet I still see a ton of persons who don't get it and think this is some type of sandbox open world you buy to drive over NPCs in the streets and jump of planes with a parachute…

It's crazy how nowadays if you create any games that takes place in a big city where you can drive vehicules, a ton of people instantly think it's going to be like a Rockstar game even if it has nothing to do with it, I can already see all these people crying on forums and calling this game bad when it comes out because they weren't even able to notice that this game isn't at all a sandbox open world meant to be experienced with for " fun " and it's instead something meant to have a well written and meaningful story with great characters and an amazing atmosphere….

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I'm worried that even if this game turns out to be fantastic, a lot of people are going to critizice it because they bought it for the wrong reasons and thought it was something it's clearly not ..


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