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The froth over CDPR is cyberpunk in itself

Content of the article: "The froth over CDPR is cyberpunk in itself"

I can’t help but think the incoherent rage and froth spewing from some of these fans in this sub to be perfectly analogous to the denizens of the game.

Not to mention consistent with the ultimate theme of the cyberpunk genre.

“High-tech, low life”

Imagine taking it so personally when a game is delayed mere weeks. All of the sudden, that disappoint turns to rage and moronic posts at best or death threats at worst.

Some of you are literally the weak and pathetic people envisioned to inhabit these cyberpunk worlds.

Rife with pandemic, political instability, foreign cyber wars, ultranationalism, economic insecurity and psycho-terror, the world of Cyberpunk 2020 is on the brink.

It’s denizens shield themselves from the world with their av distractions. They toil day to day in their lives flooded with messages of how to think. Their dopamine addictions drive erratic behavior. Their eyes and lives are consumed by the light of cyber content through the latest handhelds.

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This cyber content sustains them through the darkness and allows them to avoid seeing the world as it is with its decay. What once used to be a sensible distraction to drive an engrossing storyline that could provoke thought has becomes a product to drive sensation and release. Art becomes a mere commodity to the denizens.

What happens when that commodity runs out? Our plot begins with the netrunner discussion landscape and follows the hacker: xXYoLo420SwaGBernieORBuStXx

His connection to the net sustains him. He’s driven by the newest and hottest cybercontent he can find and play through cybergear that his dads sapphire card can support.

All is well until the net starts acting funny and his content won’t deliver as it should. His patience and calm evaporates. The carefully crafted veneer of superiority shifts and the man bun starts to unravel.


This is the story of coping and rage. The world is falling apart but 420 isn’t here to save it. He’s here to expedite it.

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YoloSwags gets his revenge.


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