Cyberpunk 2077

The game tells two competing stories that don’t mesh.

There are two stories in Cyberpunk. The first is the one is the story of V, a merc who is slowly dying from a virus in his head after a heist gone wrong. This V is desperate to pursue every lead that might cure him, and is willing to help out anyone who might fix his problem.

Then there's the story of V, a regular merc who is going about his daily life, working for fixers so he can earn cash to buy cars and robot arms. This V also has Johnny Silverhand stuck in his head, but it's no big deal.

I like both stories. I just get frustrated that I have to play as one V or another V. I wish there was some reason to do all the side missions besides "this is a video game and I want to experience all of the content."

I realized late into my playthrough that the game sorta does this. There are lots of breaks during the story missions where you have to wait for a character to call to continue. I'll use those breaks to do side gigs, because it makes sense that V would do side jobs while he waits. Unfortunately the breaks aren't very long (sometimes it's like 5 minutes) so you can easily burn through all of the major story missions and get to the point of no return, while still having *dozens of side missions. Why is V letting Hanako wait at Embers for weeks? Well it's a video game and I, the player, want to play side missions.

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There's one story mission early on, where Rogue makes you pay $15,000 before you can continue. Suddenly my V had a story reason to do side missions. I wish there were more sections like this, where you either had to raise a bunch of money or pass a high skill check to continue the main story. It would give you a story-motivated reason to do work for fixers and explore the side content, and it would fit one of the major themes of the game. V has to do what he does because it's the only way to survive. He's not murdering groups of thugs just because I bought a video game and I want to get as much out of it as possible. He's killing because it's the only way he can keep on living. That's how Night City is supposed to work.

I can't rag on Cyberpunk too much for this. Every open world game has this problem. Developers create a series of story missions, and then other developers create some side missions to sprinkle around the world, and they don't talk to each other. The player is left wondering why he's gathering flowers for the baker while the world is gonna end in 5 days and only he can stop it. The only game in recent memory that handled this well is Spider-Man. I loved how the game was divided up into days, and when Peter was done doing the pressing big missions, the game would give you a specific time to go and patrol the city and do smaller side content. Players have been making fun of this stuff for years, you'd think more developers would listen.

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