Cyberpunk 2077

This Articles proves that Marcin Iwinski is a “Certified Liar”.

First article when he called the bad AI a bug

"So for the first question – whether we’re focusing just on technicalities or gameplay elements; things like AI – for example. To be honest – these are the same for us, from the production standpoint AI and NPC behavior fall within the general category of bugs, so if I can give you an answer – I think it does actually include that as well."

Second article when he said that the Demo was real and not a vertical slice.

CDPR’s co-studio head Marcin Iwinski said that the demo was a real build from the game itself, not a vertical slice that was made specifically from E3. “The demo, it’s not a demo-demo in terms that it’s an artificial piece of content created for the purposes of the show,” Iwinski said while speaking with Kotaku. “That’s actually a build of the game… actually, surprising it is a real build so we didn’t fake anything here and actually we had a lot of… we didn’t start these conversations but we had a lot of feedback like that in the previews by people actually noticing that certain things did not look pre-rendered or fake. And this makes us very happy and very proud because we’ve actually made it to pull off a build.”

Third article when Marcin Iwinski Promised that Cyberpunk Devs Won't Have To Crunch

CD Projekt Red had reached out to Jason to talk about their “non-mandatory” crunch policies on Cyberpunk, promising that they wanted to avoid the brutal periods of overtime that staff had to face at the end of development on The Witcher 3.

But four former CDPR employee told Jason that Cyberpunk literally like Anthem 2.0.

Perhaps they also wanted to preempt a potential story. After the publication of our Anthem investigation last month, which documented a turbulent development marked by mismanagement, crunch, and anxiety, four former CD Projekt Red employees reached out to tell me that they had seen similar problems in Warsaw. “I’ve felt that there are hundreds of parallels that could be drawn between the story of the rocky development of Anthem and the story of the rocky and even-more-rocky-to-become development of Cyberpunk 2077,” said one former CDPR employee in an e-mail. “At times, I’ve felt I could just replace the studio name and the game title, and it would all look so similar, almost identical.”

Fourth Article when he said that they didn't see any issue while playing the game

"Every change and improvement needed to be tested, and as it turned out, our testing did not show a big part of the issues you experienced while playing the game," Iwiński said. "As we got closer to the final release, we saw significant improvements each and every day, and we really believed we'd deliver in the final day zero update."

I love Witcher but how can we trust CDPR when this guy still in the company…


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