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So, I too struggled to really explain why I love this game. I still go back to it, and I think this person nails it on the head.
If you are here to hate on it at this point, then you are missing the point and the problem lies with you.

Steam review by Steam account Haechi (directly copy-pasted) :

" Ive been meaning to write this review for a long time, but i cant deny i had a hard time forming a real opinion about this game. Its not bad, but its also not good. And thats what makes this so difficult. I love Cyberpunk, the story, the characters, the aesthetics, the music, the overall feel night city gives you, and yet all these good aspects about the game get overshadowed by all its flaws. Cars that dont render, enemies and AI that simply dont work, constant crashes. And its such a crying shame really. And yet, if we ignore all of these obvious flaws the game comes with, whats left really is such a beautiful piece of art. Im being completely honest when i say that no other game ive ever played in my long gaming career has left me feeling the way this game did. I chose to start the game as a nomad, an outsider, someone with big dreams, but little knowledge of reality. The same way a player starts a game, as a newbie really. And from the moment you set foot in the city, you see all it in all its lights. A beautiful city, with so many colorfull different people, opportunities and cultures. But behind it all hides a dark reality that isnt too much different from our world, or a world we might sooner or later live in. Now im not going to go deeper into each character, mission or overall storyline of the game. But if you are able to look beyond all the bugs and issues the game has, you will be left with something truly beautiful. You get sucked into this world, and i feel like you can never truly leave it again. Judy, River, Johnny, Panam, and at the end even you, V, a character that starts out as a clean canvas, that slowly but steadily becomes a version of you, but in the game. Sure not all choices you make have as much an impact, but they are still there. You still said all these things to the characters, and even if they might not have any immediate consequenzes, u still get the feeling inside you that they have an impact. A character might forget that you yelled at them because it fits the story, but you wont forget it. If you truly immerse yourself into the world, become V, you really can form bonds with some of the characters. And to this day, long after finishing the game a second time already, i still look back at it, and feel the need to do it all over again, to go into Night City, say hi to all the people u left behind, see what they are up to, even just taking some car, turning on your fav radio station, and going for a ride becomes more than you could have propably imagined before starting the game.
As a side note i want to add just how beautiful the ingame soundtracks are. Not the radio, but the background music you get during cut scenes, or certain conversations/missions. It really makes everything a million times more beautiful and emotional. Even now i often find myself listening to hour long versions of some of the soundtracks ingame when im feeling emotional or having a bad day.
I know im not good at writing reviews, and this really isnt much a review, rather me rambling on about how i feel about this game, that has taken a very special spot in my heart. If you feel similar about some things, feel free to write a comment or add me, so we can talk about it 🙂 If not, feel free to tell me how none of this made any sense, and how bad my english is, because for some reason many people like to do that on here.
Cyberpunk really isnt just a game, its an experience, like a movie, that you are part of. It shows just how small and insignificant we really are in the grand scheme of things and yet are still able to find happiness in life, if we allow it to enter. Not in things like money, cars or sex (okay maybe a little sex lol xD) but in other things, friends, family. Because at the end, thats the only thing V has left, all the fame will dissapear, the money too, but the friends made along the way are what stays, and they give you a reason to keep fighting, even when all your other dreams and goals are shattered.
As Johnny would say: "Never stop fighting V" ".


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