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Hi Reddit!

Mactics here again with my final piece of guide content for this week’s grandmaster: the hollowed lair!

Today I have 10 tips for you specific to this strike and it’s grandmaster modifiers that I am pretty confident will get you your clear!

Tip 1 – Lasting Grenades

Ok lets get started with tip #1 lasting grenades. Grenades that stay on the field for a long time and have a large area of effect are amazing for this strike given its modifiers. The main 3 are vortex grenades on void subclasses, solar grenades on solar subclasses, and pulse grenades on arc subclasses. The reason these grenades are so amazing is because they do a good amount of damage to kill any stalkers that run into them. Not only that, but their lasting AoE will also clean up any baby screebs that spawn from the dead stalkers immediately. So no more having to worry about the invisible wall climbing exploders with these types of grenades.

Tip 2 – Sniper Locations

Tip #2 is snipers and this tip just tells you the exact location of every sniper in the strike so that you never have to waste a rez token dying to them ever again. The first sniper in the strike is on the right side of the balcony in the back of the first room. The next 3 snipers are in the back of the room with the fanatic’s chosen. 1 on the top left balcony, 1 in the back mid, and 1 in the right passageway. The next 2 snipers are in the tank room on the right and left balcony, you can take them out from the doorway as they spawn. The next 3 snipers spawn from the plate compression along with the unstoppable abominations. Here you have 1 in middle, 1 on left, and 1 on right, although the middle one likes to roam around. The next snipers come from the ad waves in the 2 plate room but spawn really inconsistently. Luckily, they always venture to the same location, with the left sniper going far left and the right sniper hanging out in the middle right. Just be sure to always look for them on every ad wave spawn. The next 2 snipers can be tagged easily right after killing the vengeful hand. One on the balcony across the abyss to the left, and the other can be hit on the right through the rotating engines. The next 2 snipers spawn from the fanatic, on the left and right side of the balcony. The final snipers spawn in the boss room on the left on the 2nd ad wave, and on the right on the 4th ad wave while the boss is in the arena.

Tip 3 – Baby Screeb Timeout

Tip #3 is the baby screeb timeout. The baby screebs are super annoying. Not only can they crawl all over walls, go into the ground, and even sometimes be invisible, but they can also track you through invis. The saving grace of the baby screebs however is that they do not live forever. Baby screebs can only be on the field for a certain amount of time, so if you kill stalkers from far away and keep your distance, the baby screebs will just blow up automatically after about 10-20 seconds, leaving you super safe!

Tip 4 – Finishing Stalkers = No Screebs

Tip #4 is finishing stalkers and this tip is for the folks who don’t even want to see the baby screebs in the first place. Killing a stalker is what spawns a baby screeb, but using a finisher on a stalker will actually prevent it from spawning a baby screeb altogether. Now of course you can’t finish every single stalker as doing so will probably get you killed in some situations. But if worse comes to worse and a stalker is rushing you and you have no way to run away, get it weak and finisher it for a super safe close combat kill.

Tip 5 – 1/2 Tank Plate

Tip #5 is the ½ tank plate. The tank room spawns adds when the plate is compressed, however different compression intervals spawn different waves of adds. There are 2 waves of enemies that spawn based on the plate, the first being a wave of stalkers, 3 snipers, ravagers, and 2 unstoppable abominations. The 2nd wave of enemies is just the spider tank. Dealing with all of these enemies at the same time is really difficult. Luckily, by only compressing the plate partially until the first wave of adds spawn, you can deal with all of these adds separately from the spider tank. Once you kill everything, finish the plate to deal with the spider tank on its own.

Tip 6 – No Adds Tank Kill

Tip #6 is the no adds tank kill and I know this sounds like tip #5 but its not. The tank actually spawns an additional wave of adds when it recovers from a leg break. So what this means is if you break the leg of the tank, it will put up a dome shield and open its middle crit. Once it closes its crit and gets back up, it will spawn a wave of adds. You can avoid these adds entirely by killing the tank in 1 break, but thats easier said than done. A great way to do this however is to do your best to evenly distribute damage across all 6 of the legs instead of focusing 1. Doing so will give you much less health to finish off once you finally do break the leg of the tank and go in for the burst. No champions in that extra wave of adds by the way, so no harm in missing it.

Tip 7 – 2 Plate Room Adds

Tip #7 is the 2 plate room adds. This room is all about patience and control. The way to deal with this room is in waves. You should only be compressing the plates 1 at a time and should only be doing so when there are 0 ads alive in the room. The second you see ads start spawning, make sure you get off the plate and retreat to the back to kill the ads. Once you kill everything, you can continue compressing the plates.

Tip 8 – Easy Boss Room Rez

Tip #8 is for easy team rezes in the boss room. The fanatic’s staff 1 hits and can be a real pain, especially considering he fires it about every 2 seconds. The saving grace of this room is actually his aoe thunderstorm attack. While he is doing this attack he cant target anyone with his regular attack. The trick is to stand in an area close to a rez, but not so close that the storm aoe will cover it. Bait out the storm attack by waiting, and rush to the rez to pickup your teammate the absolute second you see him start casting it for an easy and safe rez.

Tip 9 – Boss Room Intermission Add Clear

Tip #9 is to safely and effectively clear all of the adds in the intermission phases of the boss room and it is called ager’s scepter and bottom tree dawnblade with necrotic grips. These options absolutely eviscerate packs of adds, with agers simply being a chain reaction starting from killing a weak enemy and spreading the beam to everything else, and bottom tree dawnblade with necrotics being as simple as popping the super, floating up into the air, and blowing up everything in sight. Try to have all team members in the entrance section of the map to better funnel the ads.

Tip 10 – Boss Tether

And finally tip #10 is the boss tether. The tether can be difficult to deal with but there are a few things that can make it way easier. The first of which is backpedalling while you are being teleported and while you are in the air. The momentum carries over, giving you much more time to break his shield. The 2nd piece of advice is that some abilities like tether and shatterdive will immediately break you out of his tether. I recommend trying to avoid this method if possible, as keeping your super is important for the ad phases. But if you desperately need to break out, this is your answer. I know you can also finisher an enemy while being teleported to avoid the tether, but if there are still enemies alive while the boss is tethering you, you are doing too much damage to the boss.

And thats all 10!

If I missed one please let me know in the comments, and if you have any additional questions please drop them below!

Best of luck to you all in your grandmasters, ill see you next week for lake of shadows!



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