10 Things a bad PVE player learned in Ordeal this week

Content of the article: "10 Things a bad PVE player learned in Ordeal this week"

I am a bad-to-average PVE player with ok gear. In my burning thirst for golf balls this double loot wek, I farmed match made 1020 Nightfalls all week and moved up to 1080s through LFG

For those who were as scared as me – here are 10 things I learned to be a helpful ally as the worst player on a Master Nightfall fireteam:

  1. Watch the initial sparrow race to the entrance. You'll know immediately who the good player(s) are – and often whose lead to follow

  2. For some reason, many players love ad clear more than "threat clear" – if you focus on killing snipers, goblins that make majors invincible and other annoying threats, you will help the team

  3. Learn the "map" and encounters very well in easier light levels (i.e. 1020) to see where majors spawn, where the pain points are, where good cover is and where to super. Knowing what happens next makes 1080s far easier

  4. Play 1020s like every enemy will one shot you. This eliminates bad habits that will get you killed in higher level Nightfalls

  5. If you're the "bad" player – don't play aggressive. Play support

  6. Defense wins championships. You can avoid wipes by playing close-ish but safely behind or peeking cover vs. teammates. I can't tell you how many times two teammates got killed by the same enemy and we didn't wipe because I was near cover and hid like a baby until respawn

  7. Running out to revive an ally that just got one-shot often will get you killed in the same place by the same enemy

  8. Breaking shields is a noble job. If your allies are better players – popping shields takes less aim and is a great help. Disruption break is awesome if you have it

  9. Being a little hurt is basically one foot in the grave. Use a subclass that allows you to heal, and recover before pushing ahead. Dying causes a chain reaction of shit for everyone. Don't die

  10. Get Izanagi and a catalyst if you can. Do it now

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EDIT: Sweet Baby James! I never thought 6 minutes on the loo in the morning would be so productive. I really do appreciate the comments and unexpected awards.


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