1325 Power Level for GMs ISN’T Gatekeeping!

Seen a lot of very upset folks on Twitter who want to be able to run GMs but arent at the 1325 power gate yet. Just a few thoughts.

  • Just like at the start of BL, a lot of people knew that GMs would drop 16th March and started levelling in order to be at max power by this point. They raided 3+ times per week across three toons. They minmaxed power and pinnacle drops to maxmise their chances of success. They completed every weekly challenge, even if the thought of playing comp makes their piss boil. It's a grind that needed to start at the beginning of the season, and if you didn't do it, that's fine, just understand that some people did and GMs at 1325 power are for those people right now.
  • Use the time between now and hitting 1325 to find a reliable fireteam. You'll need one. Run Master Nightfalls. Run them some more, using different toons. Learn callouts, practice your comms and being able to focus fire on the Champions.
  • Get ready to dedicate a few nights – when you hit 1325 – to getting it done the first time. Work out what your best team loadout is, and believe.
  • Remember that being able to COMPLETE the GM is not about your light level. GMs are HARD. Luck is involved, and even the best people wipe because Fallen Snipers are greasy little shits.
  • GMs are the Trials of PvE. They are PINNACLE activities. I don't mess with Trials because I am not good enough and I dont have a team. Take the same attitude to GMs.
  • The season is long. You'll get there.
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This isnt meant to be a negative post; completing my first ever GM (at the end of last season) was one of my most memorable D2 experiences. I had a regular firetime, we practiced, we got there in the end.

Good luck out there!

EDIT: I've been trying to keep up with comments and a clarification point I want to make. I think the frustration from some players is that the power gate is 1325 today, and that there is a weekly seasonal challenge this week.

I dont think it's gatekeeping to set a power gate when at some point in the season most players will be at 1325 or at least will have had plenty of time to get there.


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