2 Interesting Facts about Imperial Needle

After testing this weapon with different perks and such, I've found a couple of interesting things about Imperial Needle's performance. Also, just to clarify, my understanding about bows is that they have 2 stages of a draw: fully charged and perfectly drawn. Fully charged is the draw stage right before perfectly drawn where the arrow will, most of the time, land where you're aiming but it's slow and less accurate. Perfectly drawn is a stage after fully charged (but before your aim starts to tremble for holding too long) and the arrow travels like a hit scan and is more accurate. Perfectly drawn shots also have a different release sound.

  1. Impulse Amplifier perk makes your arrow travel further, faster, and more straight when not perfectly drawn. Basically, it "buffs" the arrow trajectory and projectile speed of your non-perfectly drawn shots. However, it does NOT buff the damage falloff through all stages of your draw. You can quick tap shoot a guardian from a slightly farther distance with Impulse Amplifier, but it will still deal 76 to the body which is what it deals without the perk.
  2. The Imperial Needle that you get from spending 5 Hammer Charges actually glows when drawing. The "glow" has 2 different stages. First, your arrow will glow indicating it's fully charged, then your entire bow for perfectly drawn. Every legendary bows has the arrow glow when drawing, it's very subtle and a lot of times you don't even notice it. However, the glow for Imperial Needle that I'm talking about is VERY noticeable. Moreover, the bow will stop glowing and make a sound when it's not perfectly drawn anymore and the aim starts to tremble. I think this is nice quality of life buff to the bow's performance and makes it very unique from other legendary bows.
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Also, in my testing, I noticed that Elastic String on bows seems to shorten the time it takes to reach fully charged stage. Meaning an arrow shot after drawing for 0.2s with Elastic String will travel farther and hit harder (damage difference is more noticeable in PVE than PVP) than an arrow from the same bow (and same draw time) without the Elastic String. I am now sure that draw time determines the time it takes to reach perfectly drawn stage, but charge time (a hidden stat) is the time it takes to fully charge the arrow and Elastic String seems to reduce that by a lot. Pairing Elastic String with Impulse Amplifier makes shooting from Imperial Needle feel significantly better than any other lightweights.

Just thought that this was pretty cool find and wanted to share with other Bow enthusiasts. Sorry if this is already a well-known fact. If anyone has already done similar tests with results different from mine, I would like to know!


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