3D Modeled Custom Exotic Hand Cannon Fang Update – Catalysts and Ornaments

Content of the article: "3D Modeled Custom Exotic Hand Cannon Fang Update – Catalysts and Ornaments"

I’m back with an update on my Fang exotic hand cannon! Thanks again for all the support on the original post, your comments really inspired me. There were plenty of great catalyst ideas, so I wanted to show off some masterworked versions along with some recolors ornaments.

The first major change was replacing Outlaw with Rapid Hit. The consensus seemed to be that since the Fang would mainly be used against tankier enemies that might not die in one mag, Rapid Hit naturally made more sense as a perk. I also bumped the base rpm up to 110 to make it not feel too similar to Eriana’s Vow.

Dragon’s Ascent – “Each stack of Dragon’s Teeth increases rate of fire and stability.”

This is the only version of the weapon I decided to keep as a 100 rpm. To make up for this slow rate of fire though, this catalyst will add a fire rate and stability increase with each precision hit. I imagine the fire rate increase would max out at around 125-130 rpm with respective stability.

Triple Double – “Rapidly landing precision hits will return two rounds to the magazine.”

Bringing this perk back from the CHAOS DOGMA from Destiny 1, this one is pretty straight forward. More bullets, more fun.

To Ashes – “Precision hits while Dragon’s Teeth is fully stacked will set the target on fire.”

After three precision hits, the weapon gains a bit of a damage boost in the form of a burn. I can’t quite remember if setting enemies on fire makes them slightly flinch repeatedly or not, but hopefully it doesn’t affect them too much that it makes landing precision hits harder.

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Sharpened Teeth – “This weapon can deal precision damage through elemental shields.”

Since the weapon is only a kinetic, it can suffer against enemies with shields. This catalyst means that you won’t always have to swap weapons to actually damage them. Being able to land precision hits even with elemental shields up allows for them to be taken down quicker and allows the exotic perk to start stacking immediately. It won’t give it the other shield interactions that energy weapons normally have though.

Lastly, I just wanted to share something interesting. When playing with the gun’s height maps in Marmoset Toolbag, I accidentally turned it into a Taken themed hand cannon(?)

Thanks to those who gave catalyst suggestions. Once again, please let me know what you guys think! I love reading all the comments and answering questions. I'm also currently finishing up another new exotic concept, so keep an eye out for that one soon!


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