A Big Thank You to the Destiny Community

Content of the article: "A Big Thank You to the Destiny Community"

I rarely post anything on Reddit, but wanted to thank the people here.

I lost my late last year. Been searching, but teaching jobs are really hard to come by in the middle of the school year. I was feeling pretty horrible, so I decided to try a game I had recommended to me by numerous friends: Destiny 2.

I’ve played lots of MMOs, but never really got into them. Too many rude, antagonistic players and griefers to really enjoy.

But the Destiny community was never like that. I read post after post of funny memes and encouragement and advice and support for community members, even when their posts weren’t about the game. It was really great to not find all the grief and antagonism I’d found elsewhere.

I got pulled in pretty fast and found myself looking forward to Tuesday and Friday each week, because resets are exciting and gotta get me more exotics. All the time. I don’t care if it’s for a hunter and I main Titan! Gimme the gauntlets, Xûr! I didn’t ask for your opinion!

It’s also amazing how I went from not really understanding Destiny memes to upsetting my wife by laughing randomly while she’s watching TV. She doesn’t like being left out of a joke, so I showed her. She stared in confusion, shook her head, and went back to her show. I told her she had to play to get it, and after seeing how much fun I had, I found her cheering me on in super close Gambit matches and asking about if I beat such-and-such boss I was trying to beat the day before.

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For the first time ever, she asked if I would mind if she played too.

Despite the popular, albeit inaccurate, trope of gamers not liking girls, I squealed with glee and started describing the classes and sub-classes to help her find what she would like best.

Married guys need fireteam members too. And why not one you can totally make out with, right guys? Fist bump! Guys? No fist bump? Oh, your ghosts are out? Okay, cool. I’ll just dance alone for 27 seconds then.

My point is Destiny has brought me out of a funk that I didn’t have a nearby end point from what I could see. And the community members have been awesome and made me want to stay with this community from now on.

Thanks everyone. You are great.

Eyes up, guardians.


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