A call to action for Warlock Mains and Warlock Enthusiasts : Make your voices heard.

With how Bungie completely butchered Nova Warp, Damaged Our Nezarec + Devour Combo's, Tarnished our shadebinder twice now, it's quite obvious that bungie has it out for us and I believe it's because we don't have voices that are loud enough.

Whenever another class gets nerfed, Bungie hears about it from EVERYWHERE, the issue is that warlocks never get substantial buffs because we aren't the vocal majority like hunter players and titan players are, and we need to change that if we actually want our subclasses to be any good in the future.

That's why we need to finally come together as a community of warlock mains, players, or just general fans of the class to let Bungie know that we aren't happy with how the class plays and how we are constantly put down when it comes to our choices in subclasses, for a game that wants us to "play your way" we can't do that when only 2 options are actually useable, with our ONLY viable PVP option being top tree dawn and our only okay PVE option being devour but that's starting to get worse to play as it's gotten nerfed over time.

I say we make our voices heard through some simple steps.

  1. Only use Nova Warp in PVE and PVP as a form of protest, let them hear how TERRIBLE the subclass plays in PVP and PVE with its low damage, low damage reduction while in super especially when Behemoth has a 60% DAMAGE REDUCTION during super, absolutely BUTCHERED OHK ability which is a joke compared to other classes OHK melees, having to time it perfectly for a OHK that has a small range, compared to a hunters long ranged knife that can OHK from a distance, or a titan's OHK melee that can OHK with a LOCK-ON that takes zero skill to use.
  2. Change your Steam Name to exactly "Buff Warlock's Bungie" nothing too flashy or dumb, it just has to convey the single message that we want bungie to hear.
  3. Tell your other warlock playing friends to do the same, even if you agree that over time warlock has been hit with nerf after nerf and you’re not a warlock main or player, tell others to join us.
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You're going to be flamed by your average hunter or titan, complaining that Warlock's are "Overpowered" and the nerfs are warranted, but remember that they haven't played warlock for as long as you, they haven't seen all the nerfs the class as a whole has had and they haven't dealt with with the multitude of spectral blade hunters, behemoth titans and more ruining them on the daily as your pitiful super can barely shut them down except for the one exception of Nova.

This post is going to be flamed by said players too, but you can't let others put down your opinion of what's happened to the class and it's subclasses, they need to be buffed to be on par with other classes.

Remember that Revenant can clear entire rooms of ads, deny an entire zones in pvp, kill multiple players without requiring any amount of skill as it can be thrown and just forgotten about and on top of all that they can infinitely shatterdive for free kills, all shadebinder can do is throw a single freezing melee and that's about it, and a wet fart lasts longer than the super does.

Let's make ourselves heard.


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