A Collection of Tips, Tricks, and Suggestions for the Hallowed Lair GM Nightfall.

Hey all, I wanted to share some tips, tricks, and suggestions that helped me in clearing this GM, as well as help others to complete this strike. Most of this information is already known but I wanted to condense it all into one post for viewer convenience. Any additional pieces of advice is welcome as well. I have quite a bit here so I have divided the information up into various categories. I hope you find the information helpful. Go get 'em guardians!

Baby Screebs!!! Just a few pieces of advice when dealing with these cute little things.

  • They have a timer until detonation. If one cannot get to you in time, it will automatically explode. Use this in worst case scenarios when you are unsure, but know that there is one somewhere to run its timer down.

  • They will nuke you, even in super. Banner shield is not a good method of killing stalkers. I found this out the hard way. However, the counter seems to be letting them run into your shield from the outside, then they will die harmlessly. If they get behind your defenses? Bye bye.

  • They will climb over and around titan barricades. Don't think your wall will protect you…

Class and Super Suggestions

  • This is really up for you guys to figure out what works best for you. As a Titan main, I personally ran middle tree void with Ursa, towering barricade, and suppressor grenade. Suppressor grenades blind enemies and apply void detonators upon all affected, so it can be great to take out large groups of weak enemies.

  • In general, I recommend at least one stasis user and one ad clearing super. Use what works best for you, but the emphasis should be on defense and enemy control.

  • Top tree tether with Orpheus Rig is a great play. Links damage to enemies, slows them, blinds them, and lasts a good amount of time. Very useful in various parts of the strike.

  • If you are a stasis hunter, I highly recommend using the Aeon Swift exotic with the heavy generation mod. There are multiple instances where you can clear out enemies and leave champions out in the open or bait them into over-extending for heavy generation.

Weapon Loadouts

  • Although it's been said many times, Le Monarque and Ticcu's are both very strong options for what they offer. Pair this with a linear fusion and you have a strong loadout.

  • If you prefer to use an exotic heavy or special, I recommend a bow with explosive arrowhead. Tyranny of Heaven, Arsenic Bite, and Accrued Redemption can all roll with explosive arrowhead, and is a GREAT option for reasons I will explain later.

  • Blinding grenades and launchers are extremely useful in this strike. I recommend having at least one player use one. Slideshot ignition code is my personal favorite, as it's possible to fire two shots in one slide for quick special burst damage.

  • If you have/enjoy 1K voices, it has a LOT of opportunity to shine here. With an aeon user, you can be more forgiving with the weapon, and use it not only for single target damage, but to wipe out entire spawns of enemies and speed things along.

Spawning and Opening Fight

  • I enjoy going to the right side of the map on transmat, move through the area where the public event spawns, as there are normally few ads there. Use blinding grenades or stasis to subdue the enemies guarding the door and run by them.

  • Take the fight slowly, don't antagonize the first unstoppable champion yet and just clear out the small enemies.

  • In the room with the large fire-goop chieftain boss, a well placed 1K shot across the bridge can wipe out a significant number of enemies that spawn.

Tank Room

  • Don't fully lower the capture plate. If it is brought right down to the bottom but not fully lowered, champions and enemies will spawn, but the tank and entry door into the encounter will not activate. Use this advantage to hide just outside the room and safely take out all the enemies.

  • When it is time to spawn the tank, push up to the far left side so you are on the ledge to the left of the large door the tank comes out of. Trust me! 😛

  • When the tank spawns, teamfire the front left leg (from the walker's PoV, it's their front right leg). Once the leg pops, everyone needs to hop in and burn the walker down. Titans can use banner shields and block on top of the downed tank to deal decent damage with void detonators rapidly exploding.

  • Once the tank is dead, run to the next area. Congratulations, you just cleared the tank room in a much shorter period of time, avoided an enemy spawn, and have that much more time to use for the next sections!

Plate Room

  • Take the fight slowly, hang out in the back of the room and clear all the enemies out before stepping on any plates.

  • Only step on plates to get enemies to spawn, then return to the back of the map and take them out from long range.

  • There are flags that hang off the side of the platform machinery and block line of sight to enemies, especially snipers. However, the cloth is not a solid object. You can shoot through it, and so can the enemies, so watch out!

  • Enemies tend to hide in the corners of the map, always keep your head on a swivel when you push up to stand on a plate or grab ammo between phases.

  • Stalkers have a nasty habit of teleporting to the front left and right sides of the platforms and attack much closer than they usually would, watch out for that!

  • Don't waste all your heavy on the boss that spawns. Use special, supers, and primary to do most of your damage so you are in good shape for the boss room.

Bridge Section

  • Hug the right side area of the map, take out shielded enemies and keep moving right, so the vertical pinwheels of death are on your left. From here, you can easily take out the right side sniper while having cover from the left one. Take out the other sniper and the champion then push up.

  • Spawn kill/ blind the snipers on the bridge. 1K was great for this, I could wipe out a sniper and spawn of ads in one trigger pull by dragging it around.

  • Throw one super to slow down/kill the trash mobs that push in middle.

  • Don't be afraid to completely run back to the start of the room if you get overwhelmed. Take things nice and slow and conserve revives. You want those for the boss room.

Boss Room

  • Use the right side of the arena as much as possible. In my opinion, the pillars on the right side are MUCH more useful than the rotating pinwheels on the left.

  • That being said, if you go to the left side, be aware that the pinwheels will architect you into next week if you get hit by one.

  • The boss will one shot you, use the cover to break line of sight with him and peak shoot with a bow/special weapon.

  • When enemies spawn in, make sure they die immediately, baby screebs and everything that spawns can get out of hand quickly if they are allowed to spread out and surround you.

  • Save at least two supers for horde phases, and use blinding grenades to slow down and neutralize the guys that escape.

  • When dealing with the fanatic, there is a slope on the right side near the barrier the boss teleports behind during horde phase. That slope allows you to safely head-glitch and shoot him without getting shot back. Just watch out for his ground attack.

  • His ground attack is actually a blessing in disguise. He will not shoot while he is charging up his ground attack. Use this time to safely move to a more advantageous position.

  • Take down his health bar slowly, and spawn kill the ads that appear.

  • Tether phases can be stopped immediately with a full blast of 1K voices to his poor face.

  • Once you deal with the second horde phase, there are only 2 more spawns, and two more tethers left. First spawn is before the first tether and happens on the right side. The second spawn is after the first tether and contains a solar shield champion. Clear them out so only the boss remains.

  • Once he tethers you a second time, give him everything you have and burn him to the ground to secure the clear.

That's about all I have on this strike so far. I've been having a blast helping other players through it and I wish everyone who attempts this good luck, you can do it! 🙂


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