A few hot takes about the game that I don’t really think fit anywhere else

Content of the article: "A few hot takes about the game that I don’t really think fit anywhere else"

– Luke Smith should 100% not be blamed for all the game's shortcomings. Bungie may be a game company, but it is first and foremost a company that has reallocated a lot of developers and designers to the project now known as "Matter" because of a $100 million investment deal they made with the biggest game corporation in the world. Not saying that what can be done immediately to change the game for the better shouldn't be done, absolutely not. Last month's rewards update even said that Bungie is hiring more designers to work specifically on Destiny for more loot.

– Season of the Drifter is kinda underrated. I feel like the main reason why people didn't like it was because Reckoning felt underwhelming, it had no raid like the other two Y2 seasons, and it the first season with today's standard 3 exotic weapons. There are a number of reasons why I liked it, though. It was the first season that experimented with armor set bonuses, which is a mechanic that I really wanted to see more of in future seasons. It had amazing lore and I want to see more of the Nine in the game (Prophecy is cool, but the plot focuses more on the dark future of the Sol system than the Nine themselves). There were some pretty good legendary weapons introduced this season, and the three exotic weapons, despite all being kinetic, are all pretty solid options. SotD also introduced Zero Hour. Finally, this is less significant, but Reckoning's music was sick.

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– I don't like it, but I can understand the logic in sunsetting armor more than weapons. Before this one gets me downvoted to hell let me explain why. While each weapon is unique, armor sets have really nothing to distinguish them from other armor sets anymore, and therefore if you get a high stat roll any legendary piece is replaceable for another. This will be especially true once s14 rolls around and Transmog comes out. However, I 100% agree that if armor sunsetting is here to stay it should cost substantially less to masterwork, and RNG on powerful armor drops should be fixed. 57 IS NOT "HIGH STAT ROLLED", BUNGIE.

– Just because exotics aren't meta doesn't mean they're useless. I think some of the underused exotics deserve buffs (and Ruinous Effigy did NOT deserve its nerfs) and that Merciless should be fixed ASAP, but there are few truly useless exotic weapons. For example, Leviathan's Breath. Is it used often? No. Do many people hate it? Yes. But it's the only heavy bow in the game, it does good damage, has anti-champion capabilities, can OHKO supers in PvP/Gambit, and can stagger/knock back any enemy or boss in the game, which no other weapon in the game can do, including Tractor Cannon.

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