A Gambit Review that isn’t “Invader bad” plz nerf

Content of the article: "A Gambit Review that isn’t “Invader bad” plz nerf"

Firstly, to establish a guise of informed authority, this is coming from a Dredgen Reckoner with over 2k hours in destiny and 10 Infamy Resets. Not flexing, just some experience here and I’d like to offer opinions and hear some as well. TLDR at the bottom.

The only thing that inspired me to write this is just how bad Gambit became since the Regular/Prime combo. Let me also say this isn’t just another “Invasions bad, Heavy Ammo Bad hur hur” post, however I will address both.

Here’s a few examples of problems and a few ways to fix them:

Number 1 is something I like to call sniperfrog, a term I stole from the MW2 Days. Sniperfrog is a kind of code they believe to be implemented in games as a balancing and tuning mechanism. To put it simply, if you’re doing well, the game gets harder. Perhaps ads target you more, or less ammo drops for you, etc etc. if you’re doing poorly, you get more ammo, bosses just spit loogies at you, and the ads don’t even know you’re there. Have you ever been vibing along, 14 motes in hand, absolutely tanking damage left and right, then you get one shot by a Vex Hydra? Maybe instamelted by a cabal turret? I’m sure it’s happened to everyone at some point, which by nature and logic makes it kind of fair, but also kind of unfair. Why can I be an Invincible god one match, then a piece of wet toilet paper the next? To be honest, I’m not a programmer, I’m not a developer, I don’t know anything about coding, so I don’t have specific ways to fix this, which is why I started off with this one.

Number 2 is about team cohesion and catch-up mechanics. Yes, 4 stacks obviously have a strategic advantage, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. Back in the prime days, one person could easily carry a bad team, I did it often. There’s a medal in gambit where you have to kill x guardians while invading, kill x invaders, kill x combatants, bank x motes, kill a high value target, and kill x blockers all in one match. I’ve had several of them. Usually, the one carrying would be an invader, keeping the opposing team busy and/or healing the primeval. Does this reflect too much power delegated to invaders? Perhaps. Nowadays in gambit, it’s very easy for one team to run away with the game, but sometimes not because of invaders, but rather mote draining. I personally think 2 blockers shouldn’t be enough to start a drain, I would suggest 3, and I would double the time between motes drained.

Number 3 is about invading and more catch-up mechanics. As I said before, this isn’t an “invading bad” post, however, I don’t think that you should be able to invade if your team has primeval already. I’ve been in several games where the other team has primeval and invades at least twice thereafter. Feels to me like kicking you when you’re down. My suggestion would obviously be to turn the portal off until the other team has primeval too, with a set number (3) of invades before primeval is popped on a use it or lose it basis, and then an invade every 25 seconds during primeval phase. To address invading more generally, I don’t think invaders should have wall hacks. Yes I like how the enemy teams names pop up nice and bright and you can see how many motes they’ve got, but wallhacks are op in my opinion. Perhaps a fix would be wallhacks only for the first 10 seconds of an invade, as I feel those 10 seconds are usually spent running toward the center from where you spawned in anyways. Another potential fix is invaders can keep the wallhacks, but no overshield, but I feel the wallhacks would make a big difference to start.

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Number 4 is about heavy ammo spawning and weapon types. Yes I know, it’s been beaten to death. “Heavy ammo bad, remove random ammo drops.” Thats not what I’m here to say. I like the randomness of heavy ammo, as well as the spawned ammo boxes, it plays the same on both sides of an invade, if the heavy ammo truly is random. Some games I’ll have no heavy by primeval, some games I’ll have full heavy. That’s fine with me, I don’t care. As far as weapon types, I think it’s funny people whined about truth for at least a year it feels like, Then Bungie goes and makes truth 2.0 by way of Eyes of Tomorrow. I’m 20 clears in and no EoT, but it seems like every other gambit invader has it lol. (Just a tough of personal salt, not relevant to my gambit analysis.) Xenophage is another classic invader weapon, and I’m not here to whine for a nerf, but maybe they could find a way to make it a consistent 2 tap. Sometimes I get 1 tapped, sometimes it’s 2. Not a big deal I’m not gonna cry about it haha.

The last thing I want to talk about is game length and mechanics as it relates to the primeval fight. My issue with the game length is not total length really, but more the primeval fight specifically. I feel like your typical gambit match is 90% motes 10% boss fight. I’d be happier with a 50% 50% but I’m not gonna torture your casual gambit player like that. Perhaps a 75% 25%. I feel like the boss can get melted super quick, even with a group of randoms with no communication only at x2 primeval slayer. In my mind, that’s not right, it should be hard to do real damage all the way to x6 stacks, that’s when you can start melting. Just my personal opinion. I feel like this would 1- require more time devoted to chipping away and spawning more witches, and 2- allow more time for opposing invades, which allows for more catch-up for the other team. Additionally, I think the witches shields should be beefier as well, and be random elements like the prime days. Always void now. It’s a little gripe but if they were thicker shields it could be strategic. Also, I never see Nokris as a boss anymore, and rarely see Brakion if at all, I don’t remember. It’s always centurion, knight, or meatball these days. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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TLDR: In summary, 3 blockers for drain, no wallhacks for invaders after 10 seconds, and longer and stronger primeval fight with more mechanics I feel would make a considerable difference in how gambit matches play out.

I’d like to take this opportunity here at the bottom to mention some things I think they got right, and some little things I think they should add.

I like how you can’t lock the bank on an invade anymore, allows for some last second hero moments. I like how the primeval fight is in one location, less running to do. I like how you can’t spam invasions back to back, the cool down timer is great.

I wish they would add 20 mote blockers again, higher risk higher reward. And buff them too. I wish they would stop spamming meatball every other game lol. I wish they would add more maps.


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