A (Long)Quick Tip on Solo Flawless Dungeons

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Good afternoon,

I posted the other day about my solo flawless Prophecy completion, and said that although I felt there was enough reference material out there for everyone, I would post something if people wanted. My only motivation for even attempting the challenge was reading posts on this sub and how people really enjoyed their victory, so I decided to give it a shot. I read a few guides, and realized in the end that I should just do it my way, because the guides give you load outs and instructions but don't teach you how to learn the dungeon for yourself, in your style of play.

So here are my tips, short and sweet

Create a set of rules for yourself throughout each encounter that get you closer and closer to victory.

For instance on Phalanx Echo, one of my rules was not to dunk motes if there was more than 1 Knight alive. This ensured that I never died to knights blasting my face off while i tried to panic mash the slam button.

In the desert, I would kill every minotaur just to not have the chance of them randomly rushing and killing me.

In the cube room, I would always kill both Knights at the same time.

On Rainbow Road, I would not use my sparrow at all.

On Kell Echo, I would prioritize hobgoblins over boss damage. I would only go to boss damage with full heavy ammo. I would do a complete mod/weapon check before re-entering the mote room.

And finally, there are no enrage timers on any encounter. Do not rush the victory. No one cares if you 1 phased or 9 phased Kell Echo. You got your W. For me, it took 3 phases.

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I know this is probably common sense to most of you, but I still see a fair amount of players asking for help with the dungeon on the posts and in general across the Destiny 2 subreddits. Create a set of rules that establish the path to victory, and stick to them. If you want an in-depth guide I will edit this post but again, there is already a lot of reference material on this sub if you're looking for it. I'd be happy to offer any help I can.


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