A theory about Beyond Light, Exo Origins, and the Deep Stone Crypt

Content of the article: "A theory about Beyond Light, Exo Origins, and the Deep Stone Crypt"

A while ago I had a running theory about exos, their origin, and what the Deep Stone Crypt is. The new Europa trailer seems to shed some light on it.

The theory is this: Clovis Bray during the golden age went to Europa and discovered something under the ice which they could not move, so they built a large city similar to Freehold(which we need to break the cabal's grip on) to mask their real intentions. Because this vex machine couldn't be moved, they built a research facility around it and hid it under the guise of the city above.

It is here CB discovered that whatever this machine is, it somehow facilitates the creation of artificial vex which they could then populate with a human consciousness instead of the usual hivemind; Exos. They also included a subroutine not unlike the vex hive-mind nature which would allow them to recall any exo to the DSC from any location, called the Long Slow Whisper. (IIRC) It acted like a "return home mode", in that it made the target exo feel compelled to seek out a large black obelisk-like tower. Upon arrival, they would have their memories reset, an operation also facilitated by the vex machine.

The crypt runs autonomously to this day and we will likely discover it as a result or side effect of Eramis' shenanigans.

The Raid will see us entering the crypt and locating the vex machine at its core with the intent to create a new exo using the fragments of Rasputin's AI saved by Ana instead of a human consciousness.

It appears the DSC will be accessible outside the raid as well.

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Exos are vex-derived and are created using a vex gate-machine-device Clovis Bray found under the ice on Europa. The machine couldn't be moved, so the Deep Stone Crypt was built around it and a city on the surface to draw attention off. We'll discover this as a result of or during the main campaign and the raid will see us using it to turn what's left of Rasputin into a new exo


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