A True Story, I Wish Wasn’t.

Content of the article: "A True Story, I Wish Wasn’t."

Way back when destiny came out, good ol 2014 i was just a kid. I remember getting the demo and experiencing all the little secrets, when i got the game i was in love with it immediately. Finding all the secrets like the floating orb in the tower, the gold coins around the tower in year 2, the secret with the bells in rise of iron. I was there to see it all, from beginning to now. I made so many memories i spent so much time playing that game. Unfortunately i had mental problems, extreme bipolar coped with unbridled pent up anger. Any time i got angry i'd message the person who made me mad and usually it would always lead to a fight. Come 2017 i was just 17 and i still had horrible anger, i trash talked people less but would still do it from time to time. At the beginning of 2017 i logged on one fateful night to do a raid with my friends The siva raid and low and behold my account was done for. Today i am 20 years old and have made a ton of new memories on other games and games i used to play. Unfortunately even after i die the account will never be unlocked, if xbox and the earth survives till the year 9999 maybe if my bloodline still exists then perhaps it'll be passed down but we all know that isn't going to happen. Truth be told all i want is to see my account again, i just want to see my exotics i still have stored away in my vault, to talk to my friends i haven't talked to in nearly 4 years now. I just wish i could go back in time and be as happy as i am today. I doubt i will ever get to see my original hunter, my warlock and my titan. To be honest it brings tears to my eyes every now and then just thinking back to all the lost memories, things ill never get to experience again or regain, like being a year one veteran. But im making the best i can out of my new life on xbox and i guess that's all i can do. Dont make the same mistakes i did people because it will cost you. If you took the time to read this all then i appreciate you listening to my story and i wish all of you fellow guardians safe travels and good luck. Have a great day.

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