Add Grenade Charge to Touch of Winter

TL;DR: Bungie should make it so the Touch of Winter requires hunters to hold their grenade to charge it before throwing ala top-tree Voidlock.

Before I go on, I don't think Shatterdive is in need of a nerf and it's a misnomer for the complaints levied against the combination of using that aspect along with Touch of Winter. I also think glacier grenades are in a good place and don't think they need adjusted.

Each of the grenades for stasis have had their time in the spotlight as everyone's new favorite element was added to the sandbox and tweaked over the seasons, and this change would subsequently nerf all of their upgraded versions hunters have access to using the Touch of Winter aspect.

Glacier grenades paired with Shatterdive used to be extremely oppressive when first introduced in Beyond Light because that combo of grenade and aspect alone had everything going for it. However, Bungie has nerfed it from every angle already including: removing damage resistance from Shatterdive, speed the crystals form, blast radius, damage falloff, explosion damage, and freeze radius.

Everyone seemed to think Shatterdive and glacier grenades were in a pretty good spot after these nerfs. To top it off that was also before the general nerf to stasis freeze duration, a competitive edge glacier grenades had over their counterparts. The main issue is that Touch of Winter basically reverts these nerfs by giving glacier grenades back their blast radius, freeze radius, and damage and then some. Combine that with the speed of Shatterdive and you have one oppressive trio of abilities.

The solution is simple. Nerf the speed at which you can Shatterdive a Touch of Winter glacier grenade. This isn't a new idea either in actuality because Bungie understood this with Attunement of Chaos void warlocks. If you're going to give the ability to have upgraded grenades, give it drawback with a charge time, and if with the rework coming for void Subclasses includes an aspect for this ability I would fully expect it to keep its charge time, so it only makes sense stasis hunters should have this drawback as well. Make it a decision, not a panic smash.

This combination is very good, it's fun, it's what an aspect should be for you to want to use it. All aspects should be effective as we would have a more varied sandbox, but I do think the nerfs to slow duration have left aspects like Winter's Shroud in the dust. I think this change would balance the aspect without ruining it's effectiveness.

Mind you, this is a suggestion for a nerf to this ability combo coming from someone who uses it. I will say I main titan most times, but I will use this when I do play hunter, and I'm still coming forth with this proposal.

Despite agreeing it needs brought in a bit, it's not as outrageous as people make it seem currently, and half of the problem is the popularity of hunters in general and it being the meta subclass. Any game is annoying when the same ability combo is used by all the enemies in the other team. I also am of the mindset that with shotguns still being the most widely used special that stasis will always be annoying to play against because it's meant to serve as a counter. This change would emphasize that defensive playstyle because currently it can be spammed quite quickly offensively.

Anecdotally, there's been plenty of situations where it's easy to draw out a shatter grenade, laughing as the hunter Shatterdives and kills no one leaving themselves wide open for slaughter. There's also times its easy to get multi kills when an enemy is rezzing or grouping up at heavy. There's times you have an enemy actually frozen and Shatterdive literally right on them and they don't die, but then there's others times it seems you're nowhere near the grenade and it still kills you. It's already situational and inconsistent, nerfing Shatterdive would be misguided and neuter hunters ice breaking ability just as nerfing glacier grenades would be and cascade to the other subclasses and loadouts.

I believe this is an appropriate and even-handed fix without going to far and actually addressing the root of the problem. I hope this suggestion gains some traction and doesn't just get lost amongst the countless aimless complaints that don't offer real solutions.

Thank you all for coming to my TED talk.


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