After an entire season’s worth of grind, I’ve accomplished my goal!

Content of the article: "After an entire season’s worth of grind, I’ve accomplished my goal!"

Just wanted to share what I think is a pretty cool achievement that I've worked on. I've finally done it!

Ever since Season of Arrivals launched, I've considered going for the highest power level I deemed feasible. I calculated that through a daily routine that I've been running for almost a year, I'll be able to reach +51 on my artifact and get a power level of 1111.

My dedication paid off, and yesterday I finally hit my goal! Now I'll be saving some daily bounties in preparation for Beyond Light, and my grind can begin anew.

Just to answer some obvious questions:

  • The loadout you see there is just my standard PvE loadout. I use more specialized gear in specific raids or nightfalls, but this is my generalist charged with light loadout with 3 ways to get charged and Protective Light.

  • I am a Titan main but I play some Warlock too. Hunter is just my PvP class.

  • Yes, that is a SIVA aesthetic.

  • My daily routine was comprised of doing 4 daily vanguard, 5 repeats, 4 daily gunsmith with 5 repeats, 4 daily recaster with 5 repeats, and then doing dailies on 7 planets – EDZ, Titan, Nessus, Io, Mercury, Mars, Moon (With 5 random bounties). On good days this took roughly 50-55 minutes, on bad days this could take around 90 minutes, sometimes a bit more.

  • My daily routine netted me roughly 450,000 XP every day, along with 30 planetary mats for each planet, 50 bright dust, 4 enhancement cores and 100 altered element, not to mention a few umbrals and usually 1 prime engram. I only cashed in bounties with maxed out "Shared Wisdom" as well, for a cool +12% XP per bounty.

  • I got a crapton of cosmetics from bright engrams (got every single thing in this season's engram pool) as well as a lot of Bright Dust and Legendary Shards. Economy-wise, the grind paid off as I'm perfectly ready for beyond light in terms of currency.

  • Doing dailies also got me about 5,000 weapon telemetries, 6,000 vanguard tokens and 7,000 crucible tokens, as well as around 30,000 gunsmith materials.

  • My clan raids regularly so I got a lot of XP from that as well.

  • Why? Because I could, really. I accomplished many seasonal goals this season, multiple flawless raids and getting reckoner+conqueror as well as many other titles and triumphs, but I wanted to end the season on 1111 just as a token of commitment to the game, especially coming in to beyond light.

  • Master activities are basically a cakewalk because of +31 light.

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