All Hail Two-Tailed Fox.

Remember how in the patch notes for the Season of the Chosen "Exotic Rocket Launchers have been adjusted individually and are affected by this change to different degrees."? Well Two-tailed Fox got more than just the standard 30% buff that the legendaries got.

I was really looking forward to seeing Two-Taileds new damage seeing how it's my favorite exotic and it's slept on pretty heavily. So before the season was coming, last week I made sure to do a varying degree of damage test on the Ogre in the lost sector underneath the Alters of Sorrow (forgot its name).

To cut all the boring stuff short on what I tested, Two-Taileds old base damage was a total of 70,500. 26,397 and 7,533 (33,939) for the explosion and impact damage numbers of one rocket. Since it shoots two, multiply it by two. And 5 ticks of burn damage that burn 528 each time for a total of 2,640.

Fast forward today with the new rocket launcher buff, those numbers increased dramatically…

Two-Taileds new base damage is 96,594. 36,166 and 10,321 (46,487) for one rocket and since it shoots two, multiply that by two. The burn goes up 724 which totals up to 3,620. That's a whopping 37% damage Increase from it's old number last season.

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If you were to go even further and use the Argent Ordnance mods and stack it 3× (like I do), the 35% increase in damage bumps it up to a massive 130,401 on one volley of rockets. 48,824 and 13,934 (62,578) times two. 5 ticks of burn damage goes up 977 per tick or 4,885. Absolutely wonderful

Also, they fixed Two-Taileds reserves so now with one Rocket launcher reserve perk it goes up to 9 rockets (10 with double reserves).

Hopefully this 37% damage Increase wasn't a mistake and it stays this way.

Edit: After waking up from my slumber, it appears Two-Taileds buff might not be as high as 37% but maybe 15%-18% depending on what you're shooting. I believe the Ogre in the Alters of Sorrow lost sector is classified as either a Ultra or Named Enemy meaning it's damage reduction isn't as bad as say, shooting at Kali.


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