Are we just gonna, y’know, ignore stasis hunters?

I can’t understand why nobody seems to be upset about this? Like the entire stasis class is beyond broken and bungie still buffed them while nerfing warlocks. They have the best neutral game and the second best shutdown super. For a quick second let’s count broken things tied to their stasis subclass.

  1. Shatter dive, quite possibly the strongest ability in the game and when tied with glacier made become unbelievably powerful

  2. Withering blade, an infinite range, tracking, 90 damage blade that slows for something like 10 seconds upon hit, this can also be paired with their dodge aspect for a free instant freeze combo, oh and did I mention they get two of them?

  3. Mask of Bakris , free get out of jail free card with almost no downsides, losing a fight? Just teleport away! Need to get the jump on an enemy? Teleport into their face! Need to avoid a super? Teleport away from them. It had more utility than 90% of exotics in pvp

  4. Silence and squall, instant freeze, instant shatter. Touch the tornado once and your dead, slows, freezes, and shatters all in one. Can shut down every super in the game without fail, even incredibly fast and resilient ones like behemoth.

  5. And this is completely ignoring most grenades which already break pvp

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See what I mean? Nope I’m not saying stasis as a whole isn’t broken but hunters have so much that they don’t have to rely on gun skill at all anymore, pop one of the plethora of abilities at their disposal be it a tracking blade, slow dodge, damaging movement ability with no cooldown, teleportation, one hit KO super, or another freeze blade and you’ve one the fight, and with the right aspects and fragments you never need to wait for abilities. It makes the class almost uncounterable and it would be really cool to see them balanced instead of buffed.

Trials has really shown how unbalanced stasis Hunter is. In most fights my team could counter and challenge the enemy team, we only found two unbeatable combos, a full team of stasis hunters and a full team of chaos reach warlocks. It’s not fun to play against teams that can’t be countered and it would be great to see some ways to properly challenge a stasis Hunter team without bring frozen, slowed, killed, heavily damaged, or trapped in a freeze grenade every time.

Quick edit: When I said nobody seems to be upset about this I was more referencing the radio silence on bungies part.


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