Attention New Players: Well of Radiance Is Better Than You Think

TL;DR Well of Radiance makes ALL damage you do while standing inside of it count as ‘Super’ damage, from ALL your weapons and abilities.

Sure, MOST of us here know this, but I recently saw a post about GMs mentioning this as a side note and a lot of comments were like, “Wait, what??? I’ve played for years and never knew that!” The “wait, what, really?” part was echoed by a bunch KinderGuardians a friend of mine brought in, whom I’ve been showing the ropes.

Folks, Well of Radiance is more than just an Empowering Rift & Healing Rift overlaid into a more powerful combo. Yes, while you stand in it you’ll get a damage buff, yes you’ll get a strong (instantly recharging) over-shield. YOU don’t even have to be a Warlock running the Well of Radiance subclass. If a Teammates puts down a Well, STAND IN IT.

Again: Well of Radiance makes ALL damage you do while standing inside of it count as ‘Super’ damage, from ALL your weapons and abilities.


  • Super Damage IGNORES elemental shields & special enemy shields (Yes, all super subclasses!) Well or Radiance makes all weapons damage = Super damage. Thus:
    • Fallen Servitor protection tethers / Vex Goblin tethers / Scorn Chieftan’s void immunity lanterns? They don’t exist.
    • Vex Hydra’s rotating shields? What are those?
    • Vex Hobgoblin crouch/regenerate immunity? Poof.
    • Hive Knight regen tower shield? Paper thin.
    • Cabal Phalanx & Scorn Lurker shields? Transparent.
    • All Taken versions of the above? Taken away.
    • Taken Vandal bubbles? Popped.
    • Elemental shields in Match Game modifier? Shield shmield, they take direct damage! (Just tested this in a Legend Ordeal, I'm wrong about this. At least not with Riskrunner against Solar shields, but my kinetic seemed to do ok.)
    • (This list goes on… looking at you Prophecy Dungeon 1st Encounter Phalanx Echo Boss & Goblin entourage… Well ignores the shield he's holding, same as the boss in the Lake of Shadows Strike)
    • NOTE: Boss ‘Immunity’ health-gate shields are unaffected & still immune
    • NOTE: Super damage does not ignore Barrier Champion bubbles (must still be stunned with Anti-Barrier rounds to pop bubble)
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  • Current (Season of the Chosen) Artifact Mod “Focusing Lens” makes your “Light Abilities” do extra damage to Targets affected by Stasis. That means if you’re wearing this mod, and standing in your Well or a Teammate’s Well, and someone in your team is running Stasis and hits enemies/Champions/Bosses with a Stasis Grenade or melee or Super (usually best to have it be a Hunter’s tornado), remember that ALL weapon damage counts as “light abilities” (aka Super) when standing in a Well of Radiance. This is a major damage buff that stacks with the bonuses of the Well’s Empowering.


  • Warlock exotic chest Phoenix Protocol refunds Super energy to its user for ALL kills (from ANYONE) standing inside ANY Well.
    • Teammates in a Well with you massacring enemies? Their kills count for your exotic. You’ll have another Well nearly refunded and ready soon when this one runs out (as long as you’re in the Well also).
      • And if YOU’RE one of those Teammates, you’re helping your ‘Lock get their Well refunded!
      • Or say you’re a Warlock not running Well but still wearing Phoenix? It does not have to be YOUR Well. You get any subclass Super energy back from standing in a Teammate’s Well (when wearing PP)
        • Sure there are usually better subclass-specific exotics to run for Warlocks, but imagine your partner is running Phoenix & Well and you’re running Phoenix and ….any non-roaming subclass. They put down their Well, you cast your Super from within it, then use weapons to mop up enemies, and you’re BOTH going to have 50%-80% of your Super energy back, ready to do it again soon.
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  • These used to be all the rage back when they made weapons within a Well INSTANTLY auto-reload. After a nerf, they still boost reload speed but the best benefit is next.
  • These boots boost RANGE in a Well or Empowering Rift (ER). Why does that matter? Because weapons with a short range damage drop-off get a HUGE benefit. This is best evidenced in the Deep Stone Crypt final boss fight. Standing a Well or ER with a slug shotgun like “First In, Last Out” or Heritage, you do about 5k per shot to Taniks who is just beyond your range drop-off. Standing in a Well/ER where the Well-castor is wearing Lunas? Try 50-55k per shot, because the range drop-off is essentially nullified.


  • Be careful, the sword you plant as the epicenter of the Well CAN block your damage; it’s not transparent, so don’t shoot directly through it. If you shoot the sword from point-blank range with a rocket launcher, you will die. Don’t ask me how I know.
  • The sword is also damageable by enemies, so a lucky boss stomp right on your sword can wipe out your Well. (Pit of Heresy boss hates Well, he will try to nuke it with his own flaming sword attack.)
  • You’re not immune in a Well, you CAN die. You can tank a LOT of damage and the over-shield recharges instantly BUT if enough exploding shanks / thrall / screebs hit you at the same time, they can end you. You can tank a couple at at time, but not too many.
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Experienced Well of Radiance users…anything to add to help newer players navigate the benefits of this Super?


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