Best loadouts that will make the GrandMaster Lake Of Shadows farm easier for this week.

Content of the article: "Best loadouts that will make the GrandMaster Lake Of Shadows farm easier for this week."

considering that this is the best week for farming Exotics and Ascendant shards for this season I figured it would be a good idea to give some advice to those that still haven't found the best loadout possible for the week and what I've found works the best for my team.

First, lets talk about the resist mods, Ideally you will want to have 5 resist mods on your character divided by : x2 minor mods, x2 major mods (for the champions) and x1 Concussive dampener, If you have attemped to do the prophecy dungeon flawlesly you'd know how important it is to have that concussive dampener for the fire from the knights.

– Now for the weapons, I've seen quite a ton of people going with 2 Izanagis, and although that might be the "Safest" route , I have found way even more success by using 1 izanagi and a xenophage. 1 charged shot from the izanagi + 1 Mountain top shot followed by 4 Xenophage shots will take down any overload champions.

Xenophage also easily takes care of the captains and knights shield, it also 2 shots them and it will easily take care of the knight mini boss at the end of the bridge.

Ideally you'll have 3 overload rounds (1 from the div for the warlock, one from the bow for the titan and 1 from the overload nades for the hunter) and 2 unstoppable rounds. try not to have less than that as it might make things harder if any of your unstop teammates dies.

the entire strike is filled with taken, if you have a take spec mod don't hesitate using it for that extra 10 % damage increase on all the taken enemies.

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-As for the armor mods Countercharge makes wonders in this strike, pair that with Supercharged and you'll be charged with light almost the entire strike (which makes it easier to take down those champs and knights too).

the taken mods are useful, but I know not everyone has them, the minor resist should help you enough to the point where you wont need them, but if you're the titan using the xenophage I would say that it is a MUST.

If you're the warlock for your team, you can use your well at 3 important stages of the strike, 1 at the phallax mini-boss at the end of the blights, at the stairs where the 3 knights and 1 unstop and overload spawn and at the end to keep your team mates safe.

If you're the titan for your team, there are 3 phases where your bubble will come in handy, at the Phallax mini-boss for the damage increase and overshield. at the start of the bridge, you can have a teammate shot an unstoppable round at the feet of the 2 unstop champions and place a bubble on them so you can safely sword them, and at the end to easily 1 phase the boss and keep your team safe from the rest of the ads.

If you're the hunter for your team, try to go with special finisher on your class item so you can always have ammo for your sniper and for the divinity of your teammate. The tether comes handy on just 2 parts of the strike, for the phallax boss at the end of the blights and at the final boss to keep you safe from the ads.

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You should easily be able to complete the strike in 15-20 mins tops using this strat.

This is just a summary of the entire strike, there are a ton of videos showing a similar loadout on youtube but if you'd like to see my teams mates and I using it let me know!


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