Beyond Light ARG – Analyze Site Puzzle – Let’s solve this!

Content of the article: "Beyond Light ARG – Analyze Site Puzzle – Let’s solve this!"

Hello Guardians!

(Primary thread on RaidSecrets)

We need your help! Keep reading below to get more information on the Puzzle!

If you own the Beyond Light Collector's Edition:

  1. Login to and make sure you have redeemed the emblem code on your Europa Postcard
  2. Visit and enter code CHOOSE
  3. Submit the URL for the image you get back HERE! NO SCREENSHOTS PLEASE

What we know so far:

Using the Splinter in the "Code" mode from the Beyond Light Collector's edition, we were able to get the code CHOOSE and the URL from the first page of the Journal.

Going to this URL you are presented with a rotating set of letters in an entry box. Attempting to submit an entry while not logged in asks you to log in. If you are logged in, but have not redeemed the unique Emblem code on the Europa postcard, you will get a message "TOKEN FAILURE // Redeem valid token". If you enter an incorrect phrase twice, you will need to wait about 5-10 minutes to submit a new phrase.

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If you have redeemed the emblem code, and enter the correct phrase, you receive a countdown to 1 hour after reset on TWABday.

After that date, we know that users should receive a message that will include an image in the center.

Please, DO NOT SUBMIT SCREENSHOTS please read the notes below and on the Submit form

What we know about the puzzle so far:

  • The pieces are semi-unique for most users
  • The image is a flashing gif
  • embedded in the gif is a set of text different in each image:

Constructing entanglement scan with a coherency of 48×44…


Data recovered: SEQ-26003 = 'l'


ERROR: Your security permissions prohibit further data extraction at this scale.

Initiating individual bit scan…


Scanning 2,12: No SEQ data found at this coordinate (all 0xFFFFFF)

Scanning 39,2: No SEQ data found at this coordinate (all 0xFFFFFF)

Scanning 40,28: No SEQ data found at this coordinate (all 0xFFFFFF)

Scanning 0,8: No SEQ data found at this coordin?te (all 0xFFFFFF)

Scanning 23,1: No SEQ data found at this coordinate (all 0xFFFFFF)

ERROR: Decryption attempt has compromised coordinate data.

Scanning ERR,ERR: Sequence data fragment found.

Fragment data follows…

How else can I help?

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Important links

Important Notes

  • DO NOT SUBMIT A SCREENSHOT. Right click the image and select "copy image address" (May be link or URL). This should give you a URL similar to this:
  • Copy the URL you get and submit your URL here.


A lot of awesome people have helped so far, and will very likely miss quite a few so I apologize in advance.

Adam Algaert, Apathei, Ashiix, AznPwnage, Dzho, fledau, Lemonous, Nev, RunTaker, Tlop, TyTheDashing, W3stin, everyone who submits a puzzle piece, everyone who is ready and willing to solve this puzzle, all of the Mods on RaidSecrets, and all of the other awesome people who have helped spinfoil and listen to me drone on about puzzles.


  • Added a little information about the individual images, Keep them coming!
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