Beyond Light giving us new armor, new guns, and a new destination, but I’m excited for new music!

Content of the article: "Beyond Light giving us new armor, new guns, and a new destination, but I’m excited for new music!"

With Beyond Light on the horizon, I am excited that we are getting new things such as armor, shiny new weapons, and even a new playable space that I can't wait to see and experience. However the most thing I am excited for is the music to give me shivers down my spine.

The thing that makes me come back to destiny is always the music. Since the beginning, the start of Destiny 1, the music made me feel not like I was just starting a new game, but I was starting a new chapter in a part of my life with this very song at the beginning, "

". Ever since then we have been hearing different music throughout destiny that makes us just love the game even more and makes us more engaged. When us as guardians first got introduced to Oryx, the Taken King, here I'm thinking that it is just another bad guy. However it was his music, his theme, that made me feel like that this enemy, this being, is not just a monster but a king ("

"). I thought that Bungie had did a phenomenal job and this was pinnacle music, but it just kept getting better.

When Rise of Iron hit, I loved the feeling that we were on a new journey with Saladin, but man did it hit me with some feels when

started to play knowing that he was the only one left and that we were going to become one as well. Remember when Wrath of the Machine dropped and we were all excited to play and when we got to the final boss room. Aksis, Archon Perfected. We kill him and realized…there's another phase!? It was so cool seeing him get back up getting ready for another whoopin. But the song that I believe is Bungie's best work is

. This song plays in the background of this fight and it sends shivers down my spine every time I hear it.

Desitny 2 has some amazing music that can go from curiosity and wondering that a planet that can be some what peaceful (

), to the time crunching, palm sweating idea that this objective needs to get done right now or we are going to wipe (

). These are little bits and pieces of music that make Destiny as a whole stand out to me. Of course there are more scores and songs to mention that are not on here because all the music is fantastic. So yes I am excited for all the new things to come in Beyond light. But nothing sets the scene like music does.

TL;DR: Me like Destiny music, me waiting for new Destiny music.


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