Broodhold Grandmaster Walthrough (In-Depth)

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Broodhold Grandmaster Walthrough (In-Depth)

This is not the only way to complete the GrandMaster, but here's what I found to be simple for any fireteam. So let's start 🙂 Full Vid Breakdown is on my youtube – No link this week, I have to get my ratio up.

Nightfall Ordeal – Broodhold Modifiers

  • Fire Pit – When defeated, Acolytes spawn fire pools that cause damage over time

  • Champions: Unstoppable – This mode contains Unstoppable Champions, which cannot be stopped without an Unstoppable mod.

  • Champions: Barrier – This mode contains Barrier Champions, which cannot be stopped without an Anti-Barrier mod.

  • Chaff – Radar is disabled.

  • GrandMaster Modifiers – Contest, Join In Progress Disabled, Champions:Mob, Locked Loadout, Match Game, Extra Shields.

  • Match Game – Enemy shields are highly resistant to all unmatched elemental damage. Arc and Solar shields (knights and wizards)

  • Equipment Locked – You will not be able to change your equipment after this activity starts.

  • Extinguish – If your fireteam falls in a Restricted Zone, everyone is returned to orbit.

  • Limited Revives – Limited fireteam revives, Gain additional revives by defeating Champions (20 Max).

  • Champions: MOB – This mode contains additional Champions.

  • In Ananh's Chorus – Incoming Void and Environmental damage increased (Concussive Dampener is nice)

Suggestions for Team Synergies

Honestly any team synergy will work . This nightfall is pretty smooth and the timer is very reasonable. You don't really need to hold down any zones, so this week well and sentinel are useful but not needed. Damage supers are going to be recommended from me, starting out with chaos reach,nova bombs, bottom tree tethers, golden gun(celestial nighthawk) , even bottom tree solar titan.

Team A: Main Goal, Damage Supers to Push Boss quickly and ability to continiously have Super energy.

  • Hunter (Way of the Pathfinder) + Assassin Cowl (Exotic Helmet) or Frostees (Exotic Boots)

  • Warlock Arc (Attunement of Control) + Geomag Stabilizers (Exotic Boots), High Intellect 100 if possible

  • Warlock Arc (Attunement of Control) + Geomag Stabilizers (Exotic Boots), High Intellect 100 if possible

Team B: Main Goal, Same as Team A, but with a weapons of light buff

  • Warlock Arc (Attunement of Control) + Geomag Stabilizers (Exotic Boots), High Intellect 100 if possible

  • Titan Void (Code of the Protector) + Helm of Saint 14 (Exotic Helmet)

  • Hunter (Way of the Pathfinder) + Assassin Cowl (Exotic Helmet)

Team C:

  • Hunter (Way of the Pathfinder) + Assassin Cowl (video breakdown here) I'd recommend a Mobility/Discpline if possible

  • Titan Void (Code of the Protector) + Helm of Saint 14 (Exotic Helmet)

  • Hunter (Way of the Pathfinder) + Assassin Cowl (Exotic Helmet)

Team D:

  • Warlock Arc (Attunement of Control) + Geomag Stabilizers (Exotic Boots), High Intellect 100 if possible

  • Hunter (Way of the Pathfinder) + Assassin Cowl (Exotic Helmet)

  • Hunter (Way of the Pathfinder) + Assassin Cowl, I'd recommend a Mobility/Discipline build if possible

Now, there are plenty of team synergies that can work, especially with players who are experienced. It doesn't have to be any of these subclasses, these are just the combinations I found most effective.

Suggestions on Weapons


  • Anarchy would be top priority for this (simple 2 shots on target then switch). I have a guide if needed on how to properly use Anarchy

  • Xenophage for long range and clearing out crowds of Fallen Vandals and Dregs (only one recommended honestly; 2 anarchy, 1 Xeno is what I normally recommend)

  • Tractor Cannon on an invisible hunter subclass with unstoppable mod, this would be fun if youre running spoils of war

  • Cloudstrike + Divinity Combo with this option , running special finisher and a rapid fire frame lmg from europa should be a neat loadout


I would highly recommend having a synergy of someone covering each Champion mod (2 on Barrier and 1 on Unstoppable). I would say there are more Barriers than Unstoppables – 11 Barriers, 6 Unstoppables (possible to get one extra in boss room if you don't bake)

  • Pulse rifles (Anti-Barrier Mod) Any slot – I like it because of range

  • Hand Cannons (Unstoppable Mod) Explosive Payload if possible

  • Sniper rifles (Vorpal and Major Spec highly recommended)

  • **Machine Guns

  • Arc and Solar Shields

Abilities and Mods

  • Spoils of War (Heavy ammo mod that spawns heavy for you and your fireteam by defeating a champion with a Finisher)

  • Void Resistance and Concussive Dampener (chest Mod) This is the best combo

  • Concussive Dampener + Melee Resistance or Sniper Damage Resistance (if having issues with Acolyte snipers and Knight Boomers)

  • Warmind build or Charged With Light build possibly. I normally run a high energy fire build.

  • Dynamo if possible to squeeze into build (on helmets)

Tips for Strike

First Area 1 Barrier Champions Servitor, 2 Unstoppable Ogres , 1 Barrier Champion Knight ( Flame )

When entering fire area, I like to get rid of sniper vandal on the right side before barrier servitor gets to him, it can be annoying.

I recommend using a sniper to take out acolytes and the unstoppable ogre on the left side. A major acolyte sniper spawns in the far back, usually the second ogre goes and hides next to him. Once cleared thralls will push from the 3 tunnels,

Tunnel left tends to have one cursed thrall, middle tunnel has one and right side has 2.

A group of thralls are near the end before reaching the barrier knights, also step away from wall after placing worm

Second Area 2 Barrier Champions Knights (Flame weapons)

Thralls should be charging you, hive will be fightin fallen enemies here, there's a skiff as well. I recommend taking out the fallen vandals on right .

Focus on acolytes and work on champions last, since grenades are very dealy when tossed.

Once cleared, a wave of thralls will rush you, some will stay back to fight a fallen captain with arc shield. another horde of thralls will show up before enteringthe next section.

Third Area 5 Barrier Champions Knights (2 Boomers, 3 Flames)

I usually stay at the beggining of this room to pick off as many acolytes as possible and the two wizards on the left.

Next step is Unstoppable Ogre on Far left, Then Barrier Knight on Top left, once knght dies, thralls/cursed thralls/major knight will spawn in mid. Take care of wave after placing worm

After that focus on rest of acolytes, then use the left area of room to take out the barrier champion in the mini cave (makes killing the champion in the middle of room smoother).

So now kill barrier knight in middle room. thralls/cursed thralls/major knight spawn in, clear wave then proceed to work on cave.

I like to tackle the cave from both angles, so 2 guardians on a side and one on the other. Preferabbly a barrier on each side. Clear that cave, just remember when chamoion knight dies and drops the worm, another wave of thralls/cursed thralls/Chamoion knight will spawn. Make sure to put shots into champion as he will despawn when you drop the worm which will count as a kill , if youre going for platinum.

Use supers (Tether + 1 Chaos Reach) is all you need.

Fourth Area 3 Unstoppable Ogres (Sometimes a 4th spawns in right before enter Boss Room) , 2 Barrier Boomer Knights

Quick Note/Tip (you can leave the worms on the ground after killing the Barrier knights and then slam all 3 at the same time)

As you enter this section, there is an unstoppable ogre, shoot it normally for it to stand before stunning it. If you stun while it is seated, it won't work.

Kill enemies from a distance, when ready , move up and take out shrieker, also try to take out the 3 acolyte snipers who are across.

A few more thralls/cursed thralls will push you, kill that wave. Move up a bit to open next shrieker to kill it.

The knight on top right can actually be killed from distance, so damage and break shield and finish him off. If you have a hunter on team, you can go invissible and work on the next boomer knight who is on the left.

Boss spawns in, use super to push (1 chaos reach should be good), then work on thralls/cursed thralls, two unstoppable ogres will also be there, I would recommend to save one for spoils of war finisher for heavy.

Boss Room Area 1 Barrier Champion Knight (If you don't bake the cycles) + 1 Barrier champion for regular Boss, 1 Unstoppable Ogre for Shade Boss, Depending on boss you kill first, one or other will come out, so if regular dies first (unstoppable Ogre), if shade dies (Barrier Knight)

1 Barrier Knight and 4 acolytes will be present, take out acolytes first and then kill knight for spoils of war finisher for more heavy.

Boss Spawns in, make sure to dps to push it to the shade (this means the wave of enemies that normally spawn in, will not). Repeat same thing for Shade . If not done fast, if a champion spawns in, make sure to get a shot in before pushing boss, so you can get credit.

Once done shade will split into original and shade, this is when you go for the bake. If both are killed within moments of each other, no champions or enemies will spawn in. BOOM EZ CLAP


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