Bungie, can we talk about the state of Fusion Rifles?

It's been a while since Fusion Rifles have been used in the game, and even despite the recent buff (which was more like a fix of the really strong nerf they have recieved due to how much people complained about Erentil back in the days), their usage is still really low…

In the last two weeks I've rarely seen FRs used in crucible, and all those times it was when I was using one… And one time in Freelance Survival when an opponend pulled out an Erentil to fight my Exile's Curse…

It also doesn't help that really only one archetype is usable right now: high impact.

There are 7 Fusion Rifles currently non sunset:

  1. Cartesian Coordinates
  2. Coriolis Force
  3. Exile's Curse (and the adept version)
  4. Glacioclasm
  5. Hollow Words
  6. TImeline's Vertex
  7. Trinary System

Edit: we also have Zealot's Reward and the other fusion rifle from Last Wish, those aren't sunset aswell, but they're still not high impact fusion rifle sadly…

Of these only 2 are high impact ones: Exile's Curse and Glacioclasm.

One isn't available anymore to farm, while the other requires it to be either an available rewards during a ToO weekend, or luck with tokens turn in.

All the other fusions are extremely subpar, mainly due to their archetypes. Rapid Fire frames and Adaptive Frames FRs have an insanely tough time competing against shotguns, 120 HCs, Dead Man Tales and so on. The extremely unreliable range, stability and damage make them extremely hard to use. They are high risk / no reward weapons right now.

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I've been faming gambit in order to get a Trinary System to drop with a decent roll, and I've finally got one. In the first PvP match where I tried it, at around 15m, I couldn't land finishing blows, when landing 5/6 bolts out of the 7 shot, and charging up a second volley was impossible since my enemy would just slide and shotgun me.

Trying to even think about fighting outside of that range is suicidal, since they will miss most of the times, while you're easy prey of most meta and even off meta weapons…

Please, give Fusion Rifles some love. They're by far the most interesting weapons in the game, unique to Destiny and they're always really bad, save for a couple of outliers.


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