Bungie Clans need some love

Content of the article: "Bungie Clans need some love"

With Destiny leaning more heavily into the RPG aspects, and D2 hanging around for a few more years, we need to revisit Clans. They are so bare bones compared to other games, but the potential is limitless!

Currently the actual in-game benefits are:

  • Bounties

  • Clan banner perks

  • Engrams

  • some triumphs

That is it. And let's be honest the perks on the Clan Banners are pretty meh.

So what can we do? Well, there is a shit ton that we can do!

  1. We need a Clan Hall. This is the most basic thing we need. A place for Clan members to hang out in-game. Bungie can either create a Clan Hall or, as many have asked, just use an existing location. The Farm, the Tribute Hall (I know it's going away), Felwinter's Peak, the Old Tower, these are all options. And just make it an instanced version that people load into.

  2. Upgrades. Give us things to add to the Clan Hall that are usuable that the Clan has to work together and buy. Some options:

  • clan bounty vendor

  • Cryptarch

  • postmaster

  • Faction Representatives (I still want Factions back)

  • gunsmith

  • Firing Range (can use the holograms from the Tribute Hall)

  • soccer field

  1. Trophies to show off achievements of course! Some of these could require multiple completions. They would also require full clan fireteam. Ideas for trophies:
  • one for each raid

  • clan fireteam going flawless in Trials

  • Flawless raid runs

  • Strike boss trophies

  • Gambit trophies

  • Adventure trophies

  • Iron Banner

  1. Locked Clan Hall spaces. Maybe there are spaces of the Clan Hall that are locked and have to be unlocked. And once you unlock that area you can start a quest to get a Ship/Sparrow/ etc.

  2. Clan Ornaments. Clan works to unlock a set of armor/weapon ornaments that have the Clan symbol on it

  3. Invasions. Maybe the Hall gets invaded and it requires everyone in the area to defend it

  4. Clan Challenges. Clans can challenge each other to different stuff (Crucible, successful strikes, successful raids, etc). Winner gets a trophy showing it off, until they are challenged again.

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And Bungie, the best part about this stuff is, most of it is already in game! Yes it will take some work, but a lot of the foundation is already there! And it's, imo, a big payoff! And it'll give people incentives to be in a clan and it'll give clans stuff to work toward!

Edit: I'm aware the numbering is thrown off. Reddit formatting ftw


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