Bungie, it’s time to start answering the real questions. Where is the Vroom Vroom Sword?

Content of the article: "Bungie, it’s time to start answering the real questions. Where is the Vroom Vroom Sword?"

So, Bequest, the raid sword exists. No one really seems to like or care about it. And honestly its perk pool isn't that great or unique, compared to the awesome exclusive perks the other raid weapons have like Reconstruction. I mean I guess Thresh on a sword is kinda useful, that's about it. You can't even get the classic Relentless Strikes/Whirlwind Blade combo.

However, look at Bequest in Collections or any API-integrated site and you'll see that it actually has a "curated" roll: Killing Wind and Assassin's Blade. This is noteworthy, because Bequest is one of two raid weapons to have a unique collections roll that has perks they cannot roll with normally. This is odd, because it seems like they were chosen specifically to synergize with each other, and it's a perk combination we've never seen before, so there was clearly some intent (or perhaps, curation) here. Why spend the time adding that to the game if we cannot actually obtain it?

(Fun fact: the other raid weapon with a roll it cannot actually get is Posterity which has Genesis.)

So far neither of these "curated" rolls actually exist in game. I was holding out to see if maybe they would possibly drop from the raid challenges, but that didn't happen.

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Now you may be wondering. "Assassin's Blade and Killing Wind? Who cares about that roll anyways? It's not like it would even be meta." Well you see, both perks give you a mobility boost after you get a kill. I'm assuming that, if they were both on the sword, then the mobility boosts would stack. Which means:

  1. I want this sword for the sole meme of killing enemies and zooming around the map at ridiculous speed. That sounds stupid and hilarious so I want to do it.

  2. The massive mobility boost could legitimately be very useful, and pretty cool, for any Hunter builds that revolve around dodging, or by extension, melees. (For any of those unaware: this is because both Assassin's Blade and Killing Wind literally just give your character a temporarily higher mobility stat, which makes your Hunter dodge cooldown charge faster.)

So Bungie, I ask you now, as there are no avenues left. Where is my goddamn Vroom Vroom Sword?

Edit: also, I just remembered that Bequest is Arc, and Mask of Bakris exists, which buffs the damage of Arc weapons after dodging. See what I mean for build possibility!


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