Bungie: Something went wrong when you changed the Eyes of Tomorrow drop rate. Please fix.


Today I can say with the new thread's evidence with a 99.93% CERTAINTY that something went wrong when the Eyes of Tomorrow drop rate was supposedly "Fixed"

from this tweet, learned that Eyes of Tomorrow Drop rate goes all the way up to 100%,

From this TWAB, learned that the merge happened, and they stated that even if you were EXTREMELY UNLUCKY and haven't gotten eyes yet, it would only take a Few more months to get eyes.

Assuming that it would take Nine months total to get to 100% drop rate, which is VERY generous, giving a 4 month period AFTER the drop rate to reach 100%, (including the months that eyes of tomorrow were bugged). We can assume that if a guardian ran every single week since Deep Stone Crypt launched, they would have an almost 50% chance per run to get eyes, Yet, in my data from these two threads,

as well as accounts of MANY guardians found in the LFG Discord, I can conclude that THE DROP RATE HAS NOT BEEN CHANGED OR INCORRECTLY CHANGED

Even without ANY drop rate changes, lets say the drop rate is low. Like 5% drop rate like when 1k Voices was still fresh

Total Lootable Runs from data: ~3000 Runs

Total Eyes Drops: 105

Expected Drop Rate: 5% or 0.05

In Practice Drop Rate: 3.5% or 0.035

That is not that bad, assuming a 5% drop rate, but this is also assuming NO drop protection, even on players who only raided on one Character and had all the drop protection correctly applied.

Now lets assume Drop Rate protection with about a 50% drop rate starting on March 23rd, the first reset where Drop Rate Protection was supposedly merged between all three characters.

Total Lootable Runs from data since March 23rd OF PLAYERS WHO DID NOT HAVE EYES BEFOREHAND (Data is only presented by people who are confirmed to have raided in the timeframe): ~300 Runs

Total Eyes Drops in this time frame by players who did not already have eyes: 10

Expected Drop rate: 50%

In practice drop rate: 3.3%

This gives us only a .06% Chance of happening, which is 99.93% of the time not supposed to happen,

Maybe my sample size is too small, and Bungie can come out and give us some data to contradict mine, however as it currently stands, I believe something must have messed up in bungies system, The reigning conspiracy theory in my clan is that on March, the drop rates were not merged, but reset, so the months and months that guardians such as I put in to try and get eyes to no avail meant nothing.

Bungie plz correct eyes drop rate

TL:DR: Drop Rate of Eyes stayed pretty consistent even after the drop rate change on March 23rd, when it was expected to increase


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