Bungie this is your like 200th reminder that Rockets need some serious love in the semi-immediate future.

Content of the article: "Bungie this is your like 200th reminder that Rockets need some serious love in the semi-immediate future."

Rockets needs some serious love. I'm going to make a bulletin list as to how I think they need help. Note, this is only meant to address Legendary Rockets and not Exotics. Not all of these are necessary as a whole to implement, but a combination of a majority should be considered.

1) Increase Base Damage: This is a simple enough concept. Per rocket damage is pathetic when conpared to other legendary heavy weapons.

2)Increase the Base Rockets Loaded from 1 to 2 in Certain Archetypes: This change is to revert the ideological change Rockets had from D1 to D2 to "balance" them for the overall weaker Guardian of D2 Base Game that had Double Primaries and no Special Weapons. This ideology is holding rockets back and is no longer needed in the D2 environment. Only Rockets with Intrinsic Tracking Should be limited to 1 for Crucible Balance Reasons. More reasons for this increase will also be shown in the next section.

3)Bring back Tripod as a Perk for Future Rockets (Bipod for Rockets that will remain as Single Tube Rockets): This ties right back to the Ideology argument. However this adds more desirable Rocket Perks. It also pairs well with existing perks such as Auto-Loading Holster, Field Prep, and Ambitious Assassin by further increases DPS potential. This change and change 2 are probably the biggest change Rockets truly need in this list.

4) Increase Base Reserves on an Archetypal Basis: This change is to increase the raw number you can hold as this is also extremely limiting to potential use. This indirectly makes Rocket Reserves a Stronger Perk consideration on Armor as well as they are all percentage based. This does not need to be an incredible amount, somewhere between 1-3 based on the archetype. This also could buff Field Prep as well indirectly.

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5)Revert the Cluster Bomb Changes: This was a bad reactionary change to try to prevent cheesing Riven and bring Rockets in line during the days of Auto Reloading with Rally Barricades and Lunafaction Rifts. The change gutted the perk almost completely removing it as a desirable option.


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