Can we please have the option to opt-out of being auto-returned to Orbit after completing an activity?

Content of the article: "Can we please have the option to opt-out of being auto-returned to Orbit after completing an activity?"

So obviously this wouldn't be a change that's geared towards people who just want to kick down a door, shoot a boss in the face, get loot and combat roll back out of the door.

But so often during a heroic adventure, strike, or quest, I find that I'm passing through some really interesting locations. Or that the final bossfight will take place against a pretty good backdrop. Sometimes, I wish I could just be left in the completed activity until I choose to leave. Sometimes I wanna take my time to look at the view, or backtrack a bit and check out some scenery that caught my eye on the way through.

At the end of Lake of Shadows, for instance, we fight the boss against a pretty close-up backdrop of the shard of the traveler. I'd love it if I could actually have the time to chill out and appreciate that view, but as it stands I barely have the time to grab the loot and get a cursory glance.

The biggest offenders in my mind are the EAZ and Menagerie. The EAZ is such a great map! I love how intertwined it is, I love the corridors and paths through the buildings, and sometimes I wish I could just… stay behind at the end, and explore a bit. I want to look around, take it all in. I want to look at the graffiti on the walls, I want to check out that one camp I keep seeing on a rooftop but never have the time to check out.

With the Menagerie, there's visual storytelling everywhere, and the much longer auto-Orbit is really appreciated in this because often I do stay behind at the end and just go exploring, looking at murals or wall engravings. When it's all quiet after a run it's just a really interesting ghost-ship. Seriously go have a look around the next time you do menagerie, it's nice.

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There's so many nice maps in this game, so many well designed locations and so many beautiful skyboxes that we hardly ever get the chance to truly appreciate, since it's so often seeded throughout content that we're encouraged to push through, and after we're done we barely have any time to take it in afterwards. It's a real shame, Bungie.

Please, let me appreciate your artists work more.


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