Can we talk about all the amazing stuff Bungie kept under wraps when hyping up this season?

Saladin returning to have an important role in the story: Completely out of left field, when I heard Saladin start talking instead of Zavala, in the first cinematic, I was so pleasantly surprised. This + all the ornaments we've been getting, makes me think SIVA might actually be on the horizon this year.

Battlegrounds: These are like mini-strikes, with a shit ton of enemies, which clearly bungie intended seeing as it's in the vanguard activity section. On top of this the fact that we can do not only Nightmare Hunts and Blind Well again for our cabal gold, but dungeons too! We get to play some of the fastest and/or best content destiny has to offer, which helps us actually progress the seasonal activities too.

The Frenzy Perk: I heard nothing about this perk up to this season's release and my first smg came with it and overflow. Needless to say, bungie really nailed the PvE only Viable damage perk here. Seeing as you need to be fighting for a good like 10 secs or so before the buff starts, but only leaves when you kill everything or be killed and with fights in crucible lasting less than a second most of the time, it's not gonna break crucible with a perma damage buff. Side note: really feels like using recluse in it's prime.

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Elemental Wells/Synergy: Encouraging you to run similar elements is really cool, it's genuinely really fun. Some of the bonuses are ridiculous, like weapon damage, giving charges of light and speeding up super charge with easy to complete objectives like getting continuous (not rapid) sub class matching elemental weapons or grenade kills. And the new warlock exotic even synergizes with this kind of build, speaking of…

Exotic Armor:

– So titans, you finally get a way to keep yourself safe both during and after your thundercrash and even buffing your thundercrash DPS as well, things that you have been asking for for ages.

– Hunters, people are gonna dismiss yours as boring or bad, but keeping your entire team invisible for a millenia is going to be amazing for completing difficult activities and having damage resistance while invisible, doesn't just make invisibility better for escape in crucible, but SPECTRAL BLADES WILL RECEIVE DAMAGE RESISTANCE WHILE INVISIBLE!

– Warlocks we got some good shit, matching elemental weapon kills grant super energy, arc+trinity ghouls = holy shit supers for days and the essence of our beloved tlaloc is siphoned into this chest piece for additional damage while our super is charged…just yes.

The Atmosphere of This Season: So disregarding the fact that we are using space wizards with future tech to fight gladatorial ritual combat against some badass space rhinos, Everyone is here. You got crow out doing recon on enemy forces, Holiday providing Overwatch, Osiris advising us on our next move, Saladin heading the battlegrounds operation and my main man Zavala heading all these operations in a brand spanking new mission control room. This season I feel like part of the vanguard in a way I haven't before, it's actually starting to rival the dark vanguard and actually make me feel like I'm a head honcho hero man.

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In conclusion, this season is starting so strong and after season of the hunts bare bones bleeding, this feels like it's not only giving us new content, but with the inclusion of more activities in the seasonal loop (which directly addressed the problem with the lure.), the return of umbral engram farming and the formation of a stronger light vanguard, I hope Bungie keep this much shit underwraps for every season and major content expansion in the future.


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