Can we talk about Clash as a game mode?

Hello Bungie, fans of the subreddit, etc.

As a declaimer, I'm an above average pvp'er – in no world do I claim to be the best or even top 1%, but it would be disingenuous to claim I'm bad or even a casual. Clash is where I like to take in guns that are off-meta or even new rolls on current meta archetype to test its effectiveness. I have one simple request of you, bungie devs.

Make Clash a permanent playlist. Please.

I know Crucible is not in the best place right now for many people. Stasis is pretty obnoxious, several people dislike the 120 meta, Trials (lol), lack of loot, etc. I get it, I feel the same way. But, as someone who has kept playing Destiny for years because of its pvp, Clash brings me joy in light of it all.

Its a game mode that allows me to go in and casually play (or sweat if the other team really is up to it) and work on my gunplay rather than focusing on the objective. Don't get me wrong, I understand why control is a mainstay for the Destiny franchise and its a fine game mode. But sometimes, I just want to go in and pull the trigger and be mindless about it without having to be in 3's.

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Alternative options include, for example, allowing it to rotate weekly with Control. I miss the D1 days where Clash/Control/Rift(!) would rotate in Iron Banner. Or, as you have recently introduced to us via the recent TWABs – consider allowing us, the community, vote on it. I can appreciate that the devs want to make decisions for the game surrounding balance, etc. and make those without our voting per se, but I feel like which pvp playlist are mainstays would be one that is low stakes and would benefit from the voices of those who like pvp the most. I know you take our feedback and I certainly appreciate it. Its why many of us love Bungie as a company.

So please, I implore you, consider adding Clash as a more permanent fixture in the pvp playlist.


That one guy who farmed 600+ lost sectors.


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