Can you play Destiny 2 using a GameCube controller?

Content of the article: "Can you play Destiny 2 using a GameCube controller?"

Short answer? Yes. Long answer? Still yes but with about 2 hours of work.

So, how did I accomplish this? Well, I'll run through it real quick for you.

I used a Third Party USB GameCube Controller for this, which Steam recognizes as a Switch Pro Controller. This is because the Third Party is obviously not allowed to sell actual GameCube controllers and instead has to sell "modified" switch pro controllers. (This is just what I read on multiple forums while researching for this, it may be wrong but whatever)

Next comes fine tuning the controls and getting Destiny to recognize each action. This gave me two hurdles.

The first hurdle came immediately: Destiny 2 wasn't recognizing the Trigger pulls. For whatever reason no matter what settings I input and changed around in my config Destiny 2 refused to recognize the trigger pulls. I BELIEVE this is because the triggers aren't analog, meaning there isn't an indication of whether or not the trigger is pulled down a certain percent, which is something Destiny makes use of to a slight degree. (This is most noticeable with hand cannons, where a slight trigger pull won't fire the weapon but will slowly turn the mag).

^ This meant that I had to reconfigure the controller to input M&K inputs.

^This meant I would not benefit from aim assist.

Eventually after a few minutes of mapping out each of my keys I ran into my second hurdle: Aiming.

Using the C-stick as my second thumbstick wasn't possible because thumbsticks automatically change destiny 2 into gamepad control configuration. This causes quite some lag client side, meaning I can't input controls for about a second or so. Meaning when I brought this into the Crucible (which was the intended goal of the project) I would be dead every time I adjusted my aim. This meant I had to look for a new solution. Eventually after fiddling around with it, it turns out I can configure the game to think of the C-stick as a Joystick. Why this was any different than a thumbstick? Don't ask me, but it worked.

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Wanna see the results? Feel free to watch my video on it here: I played Destiny 2 with a GameCube Controller…


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