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So I seem to see a lot of posts regarding catalyst progression or what location etc. would be best for certain catalysts, so I decided to put together a list of the easiest locations and strategies I found to level up every catalyst I had.

(For reference I used this website to go from "best" to "worst" catalyst)

WeaponHow to get Catalyst (kills to complete)Where to grind
Heir ApparentCurrently N/A. Guardian Games (700 kills)Astral Alignment/Override
Eriana's VowBanshee quest (700 kills)Altars of Sorrow
RiskrunnerPain and Gain quest (500 kills, 50 arc conductor kills)Thrallway
Trinity GhoulActivity Completions (400 kills)Thrallway
HuckleberryActivity Completions (500 kills)Thrallway
WitherhoardBanshee quest (400 kills)Altars of Sorrow
Ager's ScepterWayfinders Troves from Astral Alignment (1000 kills)Altars of Sorrow
Ace of SpadesStrike Completions (500 kills)Thrallway
Izanagi's BurdenActivity Completions (500 kills)Altars of Sorrow
SunshotActivity Completions (500 kills, 1000 Sun Blast kills)Thrallway
Dead Man's TaleMaster Presage (800 kills or 8 secret chests?)Thrallway
Legend of AcriusNightfall Completions (500 kills)Astral Alignment/Override
Traveler's ChosenActivity Completions (700 kills)Thrallway
CrimsonKill PVE enemies (500 kills)Thrallway
Lorentz DriverBanshee quest (400 kills)Altars of Sorrow
Ruinous EffigyKill PVE enemies (5000 kills)Altars of Sorrow
HawkmoonCrow's quest (700 kills)Thrallway
Outbreak PerfectedCurrently N/AN/A
No Time to ExplainExo stranger quest (700 kills)Thrallway
Hard LightStrike Activity Completions (1000 kills)Thrallway
Whisper of the WormCurrently N/AN/A
Bad JujuActivity Completions (700 kills)Thrallway
LuminaActivity Completions (Get 250 Noble Round Heals)Anything
Rat KingActivity Completions (1000 kills from Fireteam members using Rat King)Thrallway with 2-3, Astral Alignment/Override with >3 Members
Wardcliff CoilStrike Activity Completions (500 kills)Astral Alignment/Override
Fourth HorsemanCurrently N/A. Complete Legend or Master Lost Sectors in Season of the Worthy (400 kills)Altars of Sorrow
Jade RabbitRandom Drop from kills or wins in Crucible (250 crucible kills)Crucible (duh)
ProspectorStrike Activity Completions (500 kills)Astral Alignment/Override
SUROS RegimeRandom Drop from kills or wins in Crucible (300 crucible kills)Crucible
MIDA Multi-ToolThis catalyst has a drop chance for wins at Glory Rank 3 Fabled (5% without Clan bonus, 10% with Clan bonus), an increased drop chance for wins at Glory Rank 4 Mythic (10% without Clan bonus, 30% with Clan bonus), and has a guaranteed drop for any win at Glory Rank 5 Legend (250 headshot kills crucible)Crucible
DualityBanshee quest (400 kills)Altars of Sorrow
Cryosthesia 77KBanshee quest (700 kills)Thrallway
Vex Bitch'o'clastVault of Glass puzzle (700 kills)Thrallway
D.A.R.C.I.PVE kills (300 headshot kills)Astral Alignment/Override
Polaris LanceActivity Completions (500 kills, 50 Perfect Fifth kills)Ouroborea (Ascendant challenge) or Thrallway (probably most painful one)
SymmetryBanshee quest (700 kills)Thrallway
Leviathan's BreathKill bosses or majors with this weapon (1500 kills or Wrathborn hunts)Wrathborn Hunts (Season 12 activity) Can use any other weapon. Usually around 5-10% per hunt
Sleeper SimulantNightfall Completions (300 kills)Astral Alignment/Override
Tractor CannonKills in PVE (300 kills)Astral Alignment/Override
Prometheus LensStrike and Nightall completions (500 kills)Altars of Sorrow
Graviton LanceActivity Completions (500 kills, 1000 Cosmology kills)Altars of Sorrow (BEST ONE for this)
Tommy's MatchbookBanshee quest (700 kills)Thrallway
Black TalonKills in PVE (300 kills)Astral Alignment/Override
ColdheartStrike and Nightall completions (300 kills)Altars of Sorrow
DeathbringerActivity Completions (400 kills)Astral Alignment/Override
MercilessStrike and Nightall completions (500 kills)Altars of Sorrow
Fighting LionKills in PVE (1000 kills)Thrallway
Cerberus +1Kills in PVE (500 kills)Thrallway
Vigilance WingRandom Drop from kills or wins in Crucible (250 crucible kills)Crucible
Ticuu's DivinationBanshee quest (700 kills)Thrallway
The ColonyWins or kills in Crucible (500 pve kills)Astral Alignment/Override
Our God King TELESTOComplete Legend or Master Lost Sectors (300 kills)Altars of Sorrow
Sweet BusinessActivity Completions (250 Multikills in groups of 4 or more)Thrallway/Altars
Lord of WolvesActivity Completions (500 kills)Altars of Sorrow
SturmPVE kills on Nessus (500 Sturm kills, 500 Drang kills)Thrallway
Skyburner's OathActivity Completions (1000 Cabal kills)Battlegrounds (Season 13 playlist)
Worldline ZeroPVE kills with a Sword (300 kills)Astral Alignment/Override
BorealisPVE Kills (150 Void, 150 Arc, 150 Solar kills)Patrol space/Altars of Sorrow

EDIT 1: Thanks to u/maxpetrock for bringing the MIDA catalyst to my attention.

Source regarding MIDA Multi Tool Catalyst

EDIT 2: Changes regarding 4th Horseman, Heir Apparent, Outbreak, Whisper, and adding "Random drop" to the 3 crucible guns.


Primary weapons were best on thrallway (Shattered Throne 3rd checkpoint)

Special weapons were best with their respected "Ammo Finder" mod equipped on Altars of Sorrow (Moon activity in Sorrow's Harbor)

Heavy weapons were best on Override and Astral Alignment (Season 14 and 15 activities).

The only big exceptions were Graviton Lance (best on Altars), Leviathan's Breath (best on Wrathborn hunts), Polaris Lance (just garbage in general), Skyburner's Oath (best on Battlegrounds), and Lumina which can be finished by activating healing rounds.

Let me know if there is anything that needs to be changed or if any of these look off. Kind of bored at work today so this helped fill some time.


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