Caydes Sparrow „The Gambler‘s Palm“ is still obtainable – here is how to get it in Oct 2021 – solo farming method that will work

For all who want Caydes sparrow as long as Forsaken hasn’t been vaulted.

If you want to skip important general information just go to fourth point.

  1. First don’t go for Spiders wanted bounties. I had no luck by doing them and it is not clear wether you can still get it in 2021 by doing them.

  2. Second you need to do the Forsaken story line until you get to the second Baron The Mad Bomber. Don’t worry there is a way to repeat this quest solo over and over again.

  3. That means if you have done the forsaken story on all three characters you have to delete one of them. Then you can restart Forsaken. Don’t worry even in that case it will go quite fast but nevertheless for the price of loosing one character. Just give your new character a ship by DIM and after you reach the cosmodromes first open area you can start the forsaken campaign via the Director Map Interface. Play until you get to The Mad Bomber.

You can also be invited by somebody who is at this point of storyline. This person can leave after giving you the leaderboard. Then just do point 4 and repeat as long as necessary. But this variant requires another player. However:

  1. Now here comes the solo farming method for The Mad Bomber: Just defeat him in the boss room collect the loot he is giving you and then leave to orbit instantly. After that just restart the mission. It took me around five minutes to reach the boss room (Trinity ghoul and a rocket launcher worked quite good). Don’t waste your time on all ads.

IMPORTANT!: Don’t delete the one loot drop The Mad Bombers is giving you. Keep it in your inventory until you get the sparrow. Here is why: In my case it took me six tries using this method to get the sparrow. He was always giving me a different loot drop by doing so (helmet, chest, kinetic, energy, power, sparrow+helmet). In my case the sparrow was a simultaneously second legendary loot drop from the boss. However before realising that by thinking maybe he will drop always a different Item when you already have one of its kind I was deleting the unwanted Items instantly and therefore getting the deleted items the next run again. You get my point. I could also imagine this is the reason why some players got it during the story campaign, because they had more different forsaken items with them and therefore they had better RNG for the sparrow drop. But this is just my thought.

Second don’t finish The Mad Bombers quest normally until you have this sparrow. All the other encounters will put you in orbit as soon as you will defeat them and therefore you can not repeat these encounters.

I got it yesterday by doing so.

I hope this will help all of you wanting this lovely sparrow to call their own. I think it is a lovely tribute to cayde. Forsaken will be vaulted soon and with that probably this sparrow. So go out there an get this thing =)

Good hunting!

Edit: By taking it from collections it will change to 160 Speed. For all who maybe don’t know.


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