Champions should be a part of gameplay instead of a part of our loadout

Content of the article: "Champions should be a part of gameplay instead of a part of our loadout"

I think most people will agree that the champion system in it's current state is not super fun to deal with. It's not that the enemies are too hard or anything it's just that it forces us in to certain loadouts and part of the fun of Destiny is choosing what weapons we want use. Maybe it's just me but I'd find it so much more bearable to sit down and grind Nightfall Ordeals if I could switch my gear around and play with whatever weapons I want.

I keep seeing posts from people begging Bungie to continue to make the mods part of armor in the future so they can apply to exotic weapons, but I really think that's the wrong thing to ask for. What I propose is removing the mods entirely and instead make it so primary weapons break barriers, special weapons stun Unstoppable champions and heavy weapons stun Overload champions. I don't think the Champions themselves are a problem and actually would add an enjoyable additional challenge to gameplay if we didn't have to worry about having the right thing equipped.

Now I know some people will immediately think, "What about exotics like Eriana's Vow and Leviathan's Breath that come with Champion mods inherently?"

I say keep them as is! It would just make those niche exotics a little more desirable to use. Imagine Leviathan's Breath during a Nightfall like this week if it could handle both Unstoppable and Overload! Imagine Eriana's Vow breaking barriers and stunning Unstoppable champs! And the best part is that you don't feel forced to use it. It's great incentive to use these weapons but by no means necessary. I think that freedom of what we use is crucial for replayability.

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The only downside I could see is that we'd lose the extra benefits from AB rounds being able to shoot through Knight shields and Hobgoblin barriers but honestly, we went four years without that and I think the pros greatly outweigh the cons. I'd love to hear what other people think though!


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