Cold-Take: Bugs and exploits should be fixed regardless of whether or not we like them.

Content of the article: "Cold-Take: Bugs and exploits should be fixed regardless of whether or not we like them."

As a lot of people saw yesterday, there was an exploit that allowed players to out of bounds into the end of the Heroic Cosmodrome lost sector, essentially bypassing the entire challenge and allowing players to freefarm for the new exotic gauntlets by only killing the boss.

This was available only for a short time before Bungie disabled the lost sector, and almost immediately there was a giant uproar on this subreddit (one post got thousands upon thousands of upvotes) from people who once again wrongly started claiming that Bungie "only fixes things that benefit the player!" There's plenty of threads that will list why this is historically inaccurate so I won't do that here, but what I will say is that:

Exploits that circumvent or break the game's difficulty or economy should be high priority fixes regardless of if it's fun for us or not.

This should not be controversial. It's stunning to see people complain that bungie didn't leave this in the game for everyone to exploit, and it's the same complaints this place saw when they patched the Master NF glitch farm, the Bad Juju tribute hall catalyst farm and many others.

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The fact of the matter is, exploits that allow players to get ahead or obtain an advantage by utilizing bugs, is blatantly unfair. For Bungie, allowing these things to go unfixed is essentially saying that they condone what is more or less cheating for an advantage. It tells other players that they TOO should use exploits, or be left behind. This is a high priority issue for any developer, and it's why things like this get fixed quickly, opposed to a bug like Merciless' exotic perk not working, a bug that while annoying, is not giving anyone an unfair advantage over someone else.

Could/should bungie fix UNPOPULAR player bugs faster? Sure. As a playerbase we should absolutely advocate for faster and more effective bugfixing, but we cannot and should not do this and then suddenly turn around and get angry when Bungie fixes things we enjoy. Bugs are bugs. Fix them. Due to the way console certification works, sometimes the quickest fix is disabling. It sucks but that's how it works.

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Riven is still completely broken and it's almost impossible to find a raid group to do her legitimately anymore. The entire encounter is fully bypassed, making it 100x easier for people to complete Last Wish. They should still fix it.

tl:dr: fix bugs regardless of if the players like it or not. players like things that are bad for the health of the game all the time


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